You Can Make And Receive Calls In Windows 10

You Can Make And Receive Calls In Windows 10

Tired of learning your phone when it rings? find out how to answer calls through Windows 10 instead. 

Thanks to Microsoft’s Your Phone app, you’ll now make and receive phone calls from your Windows 10 computer. These are regular phone calls that you simply can make together with your Android device via your Windows 10 machine. 

This guide teaches you ways to line Your Phone up in such how that you simply can handle your Android phone’s calls in Windows 10. 

Requirements to form and Receive Calls In Windows 10 

Your devices must meet the subsequent minimum requirements to use the calling feature. 

1. Windows 10 May 2019 Update 

To use the decision feature on your PC, you want to have the Windows 10 May 2019 (19H1) update or later installed on your computer. 

If you’re unsure which version of Windows you’re using, head into Settings > System > About on your computer and appearance towards the Version field. the primary two digits in your version represent the year, and therefore the last two digits tell you the month of the update. 

If you would like to update your PC, head into Settings > Update & Security, and click on Check for updates. Use the Windows 10 update troubleshooter if you’ve got issues together with your updates 

2. Bluetooth Support 

Both your phone and your PC must have Bluetooth enabled. The Your Phone app utilizes this wireless feature to allow you to make and receive phone calls on your computer. 

Most Windows 10 laptops accompany the Bluetooth feature, so you shouldn’t have any issues. However, if yours doesn’t have the feature, you’ll actually easily add Bluetooth to any computer. 

3. Android 7.0 or Later 

Currently, you can’t use an iOS device to form and receive calls on your PC. you want to use an Android device for this calling feature. 

Your Android device must run Android 7.0 or later. If you aren’t sure about the Android version on your phone, head into Settings > About phone, and you’ll see your current OS version. 

How to Configure Windows 10 to form and Receive Calls 

You need to configure Your Phone on both your Android device and your computer before you’ll start making calls. 

There are several steps to configuring Windows 10 for calls on your PC: 

  • Download and install Your Phone on your PC. Check your programs list first just in case the app is already installed. 
  • Install Your Phone Companion on your Android device from the Google Play Store. 
  • Launch Your Phone on both your PC and your phone. Connect both your devices to an equivalent Wi-Fi network. 
  • In Your Phone on your PC, select Android then click Continue. You’ll see a QR code on your screen. 
  • On your Android phone, tap Is there a QR code on your PC within the app, then point your phone to the QR code on your PC and scan the code. 
  • Click Done on your PC. 
  • Now, switch to your Android device and tap Continue on your phone. 
  • Tap Allow to let Your Phone view your saved contacts, make and manage your phone calls, access your files, and consider your messages, then select Continue. 
  • Tap admit the prompt to permit the app to run within the background on your phone, followed by Allow again then Done. 
  • On your PC, tick Pin app to taskbar to feature Your Phone to your taskbar. Then, click start . 
  • Click Make a turn the resulting screen. 
  • Hit start to configure the decision option in Your Phone on your PC, then hit found out to start the decision setup. 
  • You’ll receive a permission prompt on your phone. Tap Open followed by admit the prompt. 
  • A Bluetooth pair code will appear on your phone. Tap Pair. 
  • A Bluetooth pair code also appears on your PC. Click Yes to continue. 
  • To view your call go online your PC, click Send permission within the app on your PC. 
  • Accept the permission by tapping Allow on your phone. 
  • Configure the Your Phone app 
  • How to Make a Call From Your Windows 10 PC 
  • Now that Your Phone is configured on both your devices, let’s test it out. 
  • To place a call using Your Phone on your PC: 
  • Launch Your Phone on your computer. 
  • Click your phone within the left sidebar. 
  • Select Calls within the menu. 
  • A dialer appears on the proper . Enter the amount you would like to call and click on the decision key at rock bottom . 
  • Make a call together with your Phone 
  • Receive an Incoming turn Your Windows 10 PC 
  • When your Android phone gets an incoming call, a notification that appears on your computer. you’ll then prefer to accept or decline the decision right your PC. 

How to Configure Calls In an Already-Installed Your Phone App on Windows 10 

If Your Phone is already installed on your PC, you don’t got to configure a number of the choices described above. Instead, you only got to configure and enable the calling feature. 

You can do this by launching Your Phone on your PC and your phone, selecting your phone within the app on your PC, and clicking the Calls option. The app then walks you thru the steps to line up the calling feature. 

How to Reset the Your Phone App on Windows 10 and Android 

If Your Phone ever stops working or doesn’t work the way it should, you’ll reset the app on both your PC and your phone and see if that fixes the matter . 

Reset Your Phone on Android 

Resetting Your Phone doesn’t require you to uninstall the app. you merely got to delete the app’s data, which should reset it. 

Here’s how you are doing that: 

  • Head into Settings > Apps & notifications on your phone. 
  • Find Your Phone Companion within the list, and tap it. 
  • Tap Storage & cache. 
  • Tap Clear storage followed by Clear cache. 
  • Open the app to reconfigure it. 
  • Clear Your Phone’s data 
  • Reset Your Phone on Windows 10 
  • On your Windows 10 PC, you would like first to unlink your phone from your computer. Then, you’ll reset the app. 
  • To unlink your phone: 
  • Launch the Settings app. 
  • Click Phone. 
  • Select the Unlink this PC option. 
  • Unlink a phone on Windows 10

To reset Your Phone: 

  • Access the Settings app. 
  • Click Apps. 
  • Find and click on on Your Phone. 
  • Select Advanced options. 
  • Click the push button . 
  • Reset Your Phone on Windows 10 
  • Start Making Phone Calls on Windows 10 

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