The Best Apps To Make Logos On Android

The Best Apps To Make Logos On Android

There are tons of apps available for creating logos on an Android smartphone. Let’s determine those worth installing on your smartphone.

Logos are important for each business and organization, regardless of big or small. However, creating a logo are often difficult, especially once you don’t have any prior knowledge about the way to make one. And while you’ll hire professional logo designers to form them for you, this will be expensive.

Thankfully, there are tons of apps and websites that you simply can use to make logos, albeit you’ve got no designing skills. Let’s explore best logo-making apps for Android devices.

1. Canva

Canva may be a popular graphic design platform where you’ll create posters, flyers, logos, business cards, and other graphics. It was Originally only available to desktop platform, Canva launched its mobile apps back in 2016, making its service available on-the-go too.

Canva may be a great logo maker solution for beginners and intermediate users. it’s thousands of free templates, images, icons, and stickers. you’ll either edit any of the pre-made logo templates or create your own logo from scratch.

To create a logo in Canva, tap the Plus button within the bottom-right corner. Now, tap on Logo. The app will display some templates that you simply can use to form your logo. to start out from scratch, tap the rear button. you’ll then insert text, photos, or other elements by tapping the Plus button within the bottom-right corner.

Once you finish making your logo, you’ll reserve it by hitting the Save button within the top-right corner.

2. Hatchful by Shopify

Hatchful may be a free logo making service by Shopify, available through its website also as mobile apps. It allows you to form logos, cover photos, and banners which you’ll use on various social media platforms.

It’s worth noting that you simply cannot create a logo from scratch yourself using Hatchful. Rather, you’ll choose between many pre-made templates and edit them per your needs. The templates are categorized, and therefore the app displays logo templates supported the category you decide on .

To create a logo in Hatchful, once you open the app and it’ll ask you to settle on a category of your business. Select any, and tap Next. You now need to choose some brand values, followed by Next again. the planning of your logo depends on these. Enter your business/company name and a slogan, then hit Next again. At last, choose where you would like to use your logo, then give Next another tap.

You’ll now see some templates supported what you chose earlier. Select the one you wish . Edit the name, fonts, colors, icons, and layouts however you wish . Tap the button with a sign up the bottom-right corner when done. you’ll now save your logo

3. Logo Maker by Content Arcade

Logo Maker, developed by Content Arcade, is one among the foremost popular Android apps for creating logos; it’s over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. With this app, you’ll make logos, business cards, flyers, thumbnails, and more.

The app has four tabs: Template, Create, My Logo, and Social. you’ll choose a logo template from the Template tab, or create a replacement logo from the Create tab. The logos you create appear within the My Logo tab. you’ll also sync your logos to Google Drive to look at them on different devices. On the Social tab, you’ll share your logos with others.

To create a logo, either select a template from the Template tab or select any logo from the Create tab. you’ll then insert or edit text, images, and background in your logo. Tap the Save button within the top-right corner to save lots of the brand when done.

4. Logo Maker by Piyush Patel

This is one among the newer, and thus less popular, apps for creating logos. Despite being new , the app is straightforward to use and comes with an easy and delightful interface. it’s many templates to assist you create premium-looking logos easily.

You can select any template from the app and edit it as you see fit. If you would like to make a replacement logo yourself, you would like to pick a background for your logo, then add other elements thereto .

To create a logo from scratch, tap the Plus button at rock bottom of the screen. Now, choose the sort of background for your logo. you’ll then add text, graphics, and shapes thereto . If you would like to make a logo supported the available templates, you would like to settle on one from the Templates tab. you’ll edit its text, fonts, and graphics.

To save your logo, tap the button within the top-right corner.

5. PicsArt

When it involves editing photos on your Android device, PicsArt is one among the oldest and best-known apps available. you’ll edit photos and videos on PicsArt, also as share them on your favorite social media websites.

PicsArt comes with tons of features. Not only you’ll edit images, but you’ll create or draw something from scratch too. This also makes creating logos easy. you’ll insert text, stickers, and pictures into your logos.

To create a logo in PicsArt, start with the Plus button at rock bottom . you’ll then choose between several available images, templates, or backgrounds. it is also possible to pick a picture from your smartphone’s storage, or keep the background blank. Once selected, you’ll insert elements like text, fonts, and stickers, or draw something in your image.

Hit the Arrow on the top-right side and hit Save to save lots of your logo when done.

Give Your Business a Brand Identity With a Logo

Creating a logo isn’t easy, but because of these apps above, it’s easier than ever. You don’t need any prior knowledge or skills; just an Android device with any of those apps installed. Most of those apps have pre-made templates that you simply just got to edit how you wish .

So plow ahead and provides your business the brand identity it deserves with a fresh logo.

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