Google Carries Out an Update to Fix Apps Slamming on Android

Google Carries Out an Update to Fix Apps Slamming on Android

On the off chance that your Android apps are smashing for no apparent explanation, you’re in good company. Fortunately, there’s a fix to this.  

As of late, numerous Android clients wound up in a one of a kind circumstance where the majority of their apps began slamming for reasons unknown. This was an issue from Google’s end and the organization rushed to deliver a fix.  

In case you’re one of the influenced clients, the most recent update by Google will prevent your apps from slamming.  

Unexpected App Accidents on Android Gadgets  

Numerous Android clients as of late encountered an issue where their apps smashed for reasons unknown. The clients would open an app just to track down that the app quits working following a couple of moments.  

In the event that you encountered something comparative, you should fault Android Framework WebView. It’s a framework utility on your telephone whose most recent update caused this whole issue.  

Fortunately, Google immediately perceived the issue and pushed out an update to fix the issue on all Android gadgets.  

Google’s Update to Fix App Accidents on Android  

Before long as Google acknowledged there was some kind of problem with the Android Framework WebView utility, it carried out an update that tended to the app crash issue.  

In the event that your apps still abruptly close for reasons unknown, update the previously mentioned utility on your gadget and you ought to be fine.  

Here’s the way you do that:  

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android gadget.  
  • Quest for Android Framework WebView and tap it in the outcomes.  
  • Tap the Update button for this app to introduce the most recent update.  

Your apps shouldn’t crash once you introduce the above update.  

A Brief Workaround to Fix App Accidents on Android  

Before Google declared the authority update to address this issue, a Reddit client thought of a brief answer for fix the issue. The arrangement was to uninstall Android Framework WebView’s most recent update, which was the reason for the issue.  

In the event that you haven’t yet gotten an update for the above utility, you can apply this handy solution to prevent your apps from smashing, at any rate for quite a while.  

To do this:  

  • Open Settings on your gadget and tap Apps and warnings.  
  • Discover Android Framework WebView in the apps rundown and tap it.  
  • Tap the three specks in the upper right of your screen and select Uninstall updates.  

This will eliminate the dangerous update from your telephone, and your apps will presently don’t crash.  

Remember that this is anything but a full substitute for the real update that Google has carried out. You ought to get that update when it opens up in your Play Store.  

Keep Apps From Smashing on Android  

Your Android apps are out of nowhere slamming for an explanation, and there’s currently an authority approach to fix this issue. Feel free to get that update introduced on your telephone to forestall your apps from shutting startlingly, or utilize that workaround in the event that you lack official fix, yet. 

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