Sri Lanka will sell 100000 monkeys to China – Sri Lanka ready to sell but after knowing the exact reason

The economic condition of Sri Lanka is becoming very weak, and it is now resorting to different methods to strengthen its economic condition. Go and make every possible effort to strengthen the economic situation inside your country. Recently, it has been heard that Sri Lanka will sell one lakh monkeys to China. However, China has […]

In Jerusalem, a Man was Killed Near Al-Aqsa by Israeli Forces

A 26 years old boy named Mohammad Khaled al Osaibi was killed on Saturday near Al Aqsa by Israeli forces. The man was entering the Al Aqsa compound when the police fired on the man and killed him; this depicts further violence. The man killed on Saturday was from Houra named Mohammad Khaled  Al Osaibi, […]

Selling cheap quality medicines leads to loss of license for 18 major Pharma companies

It is not a new thing about pharma companies selling fake medicines to patients. A major crackdown has again occurred in the case of 18 Pharma companies that sold substandard drugs. In this crackdown, the license of these pharma companies was canceled yesterday. The decision was taken after the companies sold bad-quality medicines and drugs. […]

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