9 Really Useful Android Home Screen Shortcuts You Should Be Using

9 Really Useful Android Home Screen Shortcuts You Should Be Using

The Google applications let you put alternate routes to a portion of their most normally utilized includes right onto your home screen. Here are awesome and how to utilize them.

Gadgets are normal in the Android world, and you might have several them on your home screen as of now. However, you may know nothing about home screen easy routes that are similarly helpful yet don’t certainly stand out enough to be noticed.

Home screen easy routes are basically the same as gadgets yet closely resemble applications, meaning they possess just a single tile on your home screen. With them, you can do in one tap what you’d in any case need to open an application for and look for a capability in the product.
The following are nine truly valuable home screen alternate routes from the most famous Google applications.

The most effective method to Find Home Screen Shortcuts on Android

Getting to home screen alternate routes is truly simple. To do as such, begin by lengthy squeezing your ideal application. This will open a little menu containing various easy routes to the highlights in that application.

Then, long-press an easy route you view as valuable, drag it to an unfilled spot on your home screen, and drop it. What’s more, you’re finished! The symbol is added to your home screen. Essentially tap the symbol and you’ll send off straight into the particular element inside the application.

1. Call Shortcut by Google Phone

You can set a call easy route for your number one contacts with the Google Phone application. Like that, you don’t have to open the application, look for the contact’s name, and tap the call symbol. You can call that individual with a solitary tap, making the entire interaction a lot quicker.

The main minor issue here is that Google Phone doesn’t permit setting an immediate call easy route for any reach you like; for that, you’ll have to download the Google Contacts application all things considered and utilize its Direct dial gadget which helpfully takes just a single tile as well.

2. New Text Note Shortcut by Google Keep

Need a take a fast note? Utilize the “New text note” easy route from Google Keep Notes. Tapping the symbol will send off the scratch pad and pull up your console — prepared for you to begin composing.

This assists you with rapidly putting away thoughts before they leave your psyche and is generally valuable for individuals who take notes in a hurry. On the other hand, you can utilize the “New sound note” easy route to record your voice as opposed to composing a text assuming that you view that as quicker and more helpful.

3. Explore to Work Shortcut by Google Maps

In the event that you’re one of the many individuals who use Google Maps consistently to get to work, you can make things significantly more helpful by putting the “Work” easy route on your home screen. Do take note of that you want to set your place of business in Google Maps ahead of time for this easy route to work.

Typically, you really want to open the application, tap the inquiry bar, and tap the Work tab. Or then again, request that Google Assistant beginning route. In any case, you can do that with a solitary tap on the easy route, expecting you have Location and Mobile information turned on.

4. Access Drive File Shortcut by Google Drive

You can rapidly get to a particular document or envelope in your Google Drive that you open consistently, so you don’t need to sit around looking for it. Do take note of that this easy route isn’t found in the alternate route menu like others, Google has rather positioned it as a gadget — we don’t know why.

In any case, this is the way to get to the alternate route:

Long-push on a vacant spot on your home screen and tap Widgets.
Find and tap Google Drive to see its gadgets. Long-compress the Drive alternate route gadget and drag it onto your home screen.
Assuming you have numerous Google accounts endorsed in on your gadget, pick the one that contains your ideal record or envelope and tap OK.
Select the record or envelope you need to make an easy route to and tap Select.

5. Check QR Code Shortcut by Google Pay

A rising number of cafés and bars are beginning to utilize QR codes as a way to take online installments. Assuming that is normal in your space, you can utilize the “Sweep any QR code” alternate route by Google Pay to pay organizations rapidly.

This easy route will send off your telephone’s camera which you can then highlight a QR code to filter. Once examined, enter the sum and affirm the installment like you regularly do.

6. View Screenshots Shortcut by Google Photos

In the event that you end up taking a ton of screen captures on your telephone (maybe to make instructional exercises like this one), it tends to be very helpful to get to them rapidly by means of the “View screen captures” easy route by Google Photos. Tapping the symbol will lead you directly to the Screenshots envelope in Google Photos where you can see, share, alter, or erase those shots.

7. Share Files Shortcut by Google Files

You could realize that Google Files utilizes a record move include called Nearby Share to rapidly send huge documents from one telephone to the next. This is generally valuable for sharing enormous picture or video records without forfeiting their quality.

In the event that you share enormous documents frequently, it’s really smart to make an easy route for it. Utilize the “Offer alternate way” in Google Files to rapidly get to the Share menu in the application. Do take note of that you really want to have the Nearby Share include on the two telephones for it to work.

8. Message Shortcut by Google Messages

You can set a message easy route for your #1 contacts with the Google Messages application. In any case, very much like Google Phone, the application doesn’t permit setting an immediate message easy route for any reach you like. Yet, you can in any case utilize the Direct message gadget by Google Contacts to accomplish a similar outcome.

9. Memberships Shortcut by YouTube

With the “Memberships” easy route by YouTube, you can rapidly see every one of the new recordings posted by the YouTube feeds you’re bought into. This is an incredible method for halting seeing superfluous recordings YouTube proposes and bounce directly to recordings from makers you realize you love.

To rapidly shoot little clasps (for TikTok or Instagram Reels, maybe), you can put an easy route to your selfie camera on your home screen as well.

Home Screen Shortcuts Do More With Less

Home screen alternate routes are exceptionally underestimated. Not at all like gadgets that can in some cases take a huge piece of your home screen, easy routes utilize only one tile and can play out different capabilities — permitting you to place a greater amount of them in a restricted space.

The Google application alternate routes we recorded above are extraordinary instances of this. With them, you can avoid past the difficulty of opening the application and explore through its UI, and tackle your standard errands considerably more rapidly with only one tap, expanding efficiency and accommodation.

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