The South African team looked different in the World Cup.

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If we talk inside the World Cup, it is visible in its magnificent sky; inside it, I see more different things which are continuously liked by the people, dear people, ultimately. People also enjoy each other’s items here. Even before they are seen fully supporting the Indian teams, they like the Indian groups very much here. India’s philosophy is to help other groups one after the other continuously. We are seen here doing this, after which the team has played a perfect cricket game inside India in which the name of South Africa is coming at the top. The way the South African squad performed here, There is a lot of discussion within India regarding the performance.



This time, South Africa will have the full opportunity to reach the finals and take its place in the finals because if it reaches the finals, then India will also try its best to get the finals and if India is here, But if they get the final. It will be a big challenge for India, too, and India constantly tries to ensure that in the coming time, it does not see any shortcomings in its performance the way its performance is excellent. It was even more brilliant here. Hence, it will be essential to know the performance of the Indian team inside India. The leader performs well in the team here. If the Indian team performs like this, it is suitable for India. It will be an ordinary performance, and with this performance, the Indian team will never go ahead.



Bangladesh’s team has continuously looked weak.



Yesterday there was a match between Bangladesh and South Africa in which South Africa had excellent cricket in South Africa. After taking two wickets initially, how they handled their innings gave complete security. He did not look back; he scored 178 runs against Lanka excellently. He played a brilliant innings, and after this innings, South Africa reached a considerable score. If Bangladesh comes in front of him, then in a perfect way, he feels excellent about beating Bangladesh, and he likes it very much. Scoring runs against smaller teams is very easy for him, so he gave good batters to good bowlers in search of a great opportunity while playing here. The bowlers played perfect innings here continuously.



He has been consistently seen in a very different form in the World Cup as part of South Africa’s team. He doesn’t see his performance in any way working here. He doesn’t raise any questions regarding his performance in any way. When does his team’s coach constantly say that the way his team has prepared is their preparation? He is seen continuously being very happy about his preparation. He is not seen talking about anything regarding his practice, and his only effort is to perform well for his team as far as possible this time. He does not want to see any shortcomings here. He is also going ahead with his team because of the way the team is performing well here. Then, the Bangladesh team needs to improve in the World Cup.



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