Hindus are being mistreated in Canada.

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India constantly tries to ensure that India does not have a bad situation with any country. India does not misbehave with any country, and India continually tries to create a good and peaceful environment with all the nations. We can be seen to be in a good situation with all the countries, and no government can raise questions about India regarding the fact that the citizens of those countries are not safe inside India. If the citizens of any country are inside India, They are not entirely allowed to eat here. They are treated completely like guests, are helped here, are treated very highly, irrespective of their caste, and are also given a lot of respect here. But the citizens of India, wherever we talk, are not safe in other countries; they are continuously being tortured there and treated very poorly, due to which The Government of India is constantly in deep concern.



Recently, the Government of India gave Britain an ultimatum that if any attack were made against its people, it would hold England entirely responsible for it. If the Government of England was successful in doing these things, it would not happen. He is ready to send his police force there, but for this, he ultimately refuses. He said that the British police are swift to act against these things.The people of India were being treated well there for a long time, and now this treatment is slowly seen moving towards Karnataka also where Due to the terrible situation between India and Canada at this time, you people are doing very wrong things against the Indian people and Indian citizens living there. Terrible things were seen happening there. Are



Narendra Modi’s message reached the Prime Minister of Canada.



The Indian government has said that it does not want anyone to raise questions about its citizens. It is ready to do anything to see its citizens safe, so people. People should plan this thing very quickly. People should plan about this thing very quickly as much as possible as soon as possible so that the information about it reaches the people. This is the effort of people continuously engaged in spreading knowledge, and this is what they are trying to do to make it successful. Their attempt to make it successful can take them very far ahead. He will be seen even while leaving, and his job will be to dominate this thing.



Indian citizens should not be harassed here in any way. But the local groups are misbehaving with the Indian people there, the Indian people are also being tortured there, and they are being threatened that they will kill them, and such threats are being made continuously. Indian people are not feeling good there at all. They are again appealing to the Indian government to take action against them as soon as possible so that they can feel safe there.




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