Ashok Gehlot took some wrong steps.

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The way politics is getting very intense inside Rajasthan, looking at the politics inside Rajasthan, we can easily see many changes here, and many of these changes are being seen continuously here in an entirely severe new manner. This is like an appeal to the people to maintain their mentality ultimately. All the politicians should not spoil their psyche in any way because if they keep their mentality in any way here, if they lose, then a big problem may arise for them here in the coming time. There is a discussion going on here to understand them completely.



Ultimately, this becomes too much of a network for us. This becomes too much for us that the more active we are in our politics, the more we are concerned about how politicians scheme within politics in any way. If we see any facility being provided to you like Ranjit here or if in any way they make any arrangements to create a wrong atmosphere here, then this whole thing is terrible in a complete way. This has a very negative impact on the general public as well. The general public then retreats a lot from voting for their prominent politicians or any of their candidates. People should understand that if this is the case, then any activities occur here. Any such problem has to be faced entirely here, so they will have to be very much prepared for the coming time, too and in the future, they will have to learn about new things in the best way. We will have to think about new items, the way people are told these days, the way people are told that they are giving their best in the field that has been selected for them. But he always tries to avoid reaching people.



Election Commission alert regarding code of conduct



Ashok Gehlot has been found violating the code of conduct many times in Rajasthan, and action can be taken against him very soon by the Election Commission can take this action against him very soon; however, the market circulation by the Election Commission has been After that, he cannot do any such work. Politics became active in it. Then, while holding the post of Chief Minister, he cannot do any such work now, and while being the Chief Minister, he will have to take care of many good things continuously. This also needs to be done very well in how he wants to activate his politics and how he is creating the atmosphere here regarding his politics. He is campaigning for the black elections here for his party. Still, in any case, Due to the mental condition of any people, they cannot turn against people or take any decision against them. Hence, they should understand quickly what to keep violating the tax code.



This isn’t good for the Congress Party as well, and it can seriously impact the upcoming results for the Congress Party. Ashok Gehlot will have to think a lot about it, whereas the prominent leaders of the Congress. There is a big challenge for them here, too, due to an utterly fairy-tale atmosphere, which is too much for the party, which is expected to change the atmosphere here wholly, and in a wrong way, the politicians here. He will try that this time, in some way or the other, in the contest between the Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress Party, he should make Ashok Gehlot a candidate again for the Congress Party in Rajasthan.



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