Suicide attacks on Indian families in America

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A family from Punjab was killed in a very wrong manner in America; they were tried and treated unfairly and continuously, and regarding this, the Government of Punjab has constantly appealed to the Central Government that We should try our best to get them justice. It is also being said that within such a big country, there are two powerful countries like America whose situation is perfect now. If the people of India are not made to feel safe there, if such atrocities are committed against the Indian people, then it is a huge thing. People will have to accept this very quickly, and In the coming time too, they will have to prepare very soon as to how they are ready for them and how they are prepared to do this thing in the best way.



Indian people are continuously being tortured in a very wrong manner inside foreign countries. If we talk about the past, even after Indian milk was found at the residence in England, the Indian government has taken a lot of action and decided to take action against England. Seeing the repeated attacks of America, Allah ultimately attacked India, but still, he was ready to take action against England along with America. The Prime Minister of England said that he takes care of the safety of the Indian citizens and will not allow any harm to the Indian citizens here. Still, much damage is being done to the Indian citizens there.



A minister of Punjab talked to Narendra Modi.



A cabinet minister of Punjab had a thorough conversation with Narendra Modi. He also asked him to meet the victims’ families there in a particular manner; he went there yesterday and thoroughly met their families. Shana Dekhi was seen to be very fond of caring for his family in this way, and he has talked about supporting them. He has said that the Punjab government will always be there for his family, and She will be seen working for them in any way possible. Whenever they need anything there, they can ultimately ask for it. If they need anything, they can boldly ask for it.



While meeting Narendra Modi, a cabinet minister of Punjab, explained the matter entirely. Later, during the conversation with Narendra Modi, he also said that if his family had been killed in this manner, he would have complained to him. But it should be said about taking action that Alam Narendra Modi is entirely ready for this. He is also prepared to talk about this with America; in this manner, attacks on Indian citizens will continue daily. Indian people will continue to have a wrong perception about it, and the Indian people will have to prepare very quickly for the fact that if something like this happens shortly. Even if such an incident were to happen, the citizens of India should take full advantage of it. The citizens of India should use their brains as much as possible.



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