This time, there were fewer spectators than expected during the World Cup.

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The World Cup has started grandly in India, and this time in the World Cup, the ten players participating in the World Cup are seen practicing very well here. He does not want to leave any stone unturned during his World Cup journey here, and for this, he has to continuously face many Indian bowlers day in and day out who practice under his leadership in a foreign city. He is seen doing this. He is constantly learning a lot by practicing with them, the way he is teaching the words to the international cricketers. They also get to know a lot from the bowling they are doing and learn a lot from him. Indian teams are also benefiting a lot from the fact that they are playing the Indian bowlers very well.



When the World Cup was fully started in India, there was an opening ceremony for it in which a lot of darshan was expected to come, but in this way, only a few darshan could reach there, and very few people were there. A lot of views were seen. However, they will need more than the upcoming World Cup to suit them if it continues. On one hand, the BCCI constantly thinks it will earn a lot from the World Cup this time. If it doesn’t happen this way, then it will be a significant loss for Indian cricket as a whole. The Indian cricket world as a whole will not be able to earn that much income. It is thinking of winning, and If they can make little income, they may face many problems. They should always be prepared for all these problems and can see them very quickly.



BCCI has high hopes for Narendra Modi Stadium



During their posts, BCCI has also expressed that they hope to earn a lot of money from Narendra Modi Stadium, and they will continuously try to ensure that the maximum number of spectators come here. 125000 visitors can watch the match here simultaneously, and If it continues like this, then in the coming time, people here will be able to see their World Cup style on this ground fully. During this match, the England team was fragile, and the England team lost to New Zealand by a considerable margin and New Zealand lost by a huge margin. By registering a big win in his name, he has made a very bright start in the World Cup in which Ravindra was selected in the match for his perfect innings and ultimately got the need of his innings to make a comeback for New Zealand.



He is feeling perfect in the team; he has started his World Cup, and he has continuously said that if he continues to play in this manner, then this time, he will win the World Cup. Fully contender Alankar New was not considered the favorite for the World Cup this time. It was constantly believed that they would be deficient and go down. The only thing going on was that the England team would reach the finals, and the opposing team could also be India. However, the Indian section also has no competition. The first match of the Indian team will be played on the 8th, which will be played against Australia in Chennai. The Indian team will have reasonable expectations going into this match.




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