New Zealand played excellent cricket on the first day of the World Cup.

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The World Cup has become entirely free inside India, although the whole World Cup matches will be played from October 5. Everyone here keeps an eye on their players. Everyone in the team wants to test their players here so that they can give a good combination to the entire team and prepare them for the major matches of the upcoming World Cup. However, every effort will be made to play as many practice matches here as possible because the teams in Asia play checks here continuously but the teams in Asia. It becomes challenging for those in foreign groups to play matches here because the pitches here are very different, and the spin bowlers get a lot of encouragement here; hence, many groups constantly increase their spinner attack. It is strengthening.



The BCCI had organized a full-fledged practice match here, for which six teams played and were a good team. They continuously tried to say that whatever was good for them here could be the best for them. Regarding the upcoming matches, which will start here on October 5, all the teams changed their respective team combinations, and the new bowlers also got a chance yesterday. He was made to bowl so that it could be seen how he would dominate himself in Asia and how his identity in Asia can be seen here. His overall focus would be that Since India has the opportunity to host the World Cup, he can enjoy it to the fullest here and is hopeful of a good performance in India.



India will be easier than other countries



It will be straightforward for the Asian teams to play inside India because their efforts inside India are continuing continuously, the way they are seen playing a lot of matches inside India and also the jokes of sub-continental countries. He is a player who entirely dedicates himself here for 2 minutes. He plays more and more series here continuously, so it will be easier for him to play here but all of the foreign countries like New Zealand, Australia-South Africa. They do not play that much cricket. There can be a lot of difficulties for them here, but there is no difficulty for the Indian team here. Many series are played here continuously, and foreign groups are also coming here constantly. Hence, India has the most significant advantage here that the Indian team can win the World Cup here.



This time, the Indian team is considered the leading contender for the World Cup because the Indian team has performed very well. It recently defeated Australia 2-1, the way they have proved themselves entirely in the series. But it has been strengthened even more here. A few days ago, when the Asia Cup was also completed, India performed very well in the Asia Cup against Sri Lanka, and this time, the picture of all the grounds of India is perfect. It has been changed because this time, there is nothing like the way it was placed earlier, and an effort has been made here to completely change the ground so that no one feels that the Indian team is being held here. But the strong side is being shown. The Indian team will also be seen playing like those who are seen playing outside the countries here.



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