Warm-up matches for the World Cup will start much sooner.

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The World Cup 2023 is on its way to India and will start in India on 5th October. All the matches before that will be played in complete form; today, it will begin in full form. The game will be played inside the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad, where complete preparations have been made. Both teams are seen practicing in advance. Both the teams practiced vigorously there yesterday, after which they practiced completely today. They will be seen playing their match there from 2:00 p.m. onwards, and this match will be crucial for their upcoming World Cup match. This World Cup match is vital for them because The forthcoming World Cup will significantly help all the teams here. They will try their best to win the World Cup this time, take it home, and be eyeing 10 out of 10 teams to win the World Cup again.



The Indian team is currently in Rajkot, and they played their third match in Rajkot entirely and had to face a massive defeat from Australia. However, it could also create a lot of problems for every Indian because although India had won the series by winning the first two, having such a match before the World Cup is not at all a good thing for India because, this time, India is being considered the most important for this World Cup. It is going to be that this time, the World Cup will be of India only, and India will be seen ultimately capturing this world. However, the balance of the Indian team is looking very good. The players Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are currently in perfect form. Hence, many plus points are coming for the Indian team this time.



There will also be a match between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.



Sri Lanka and Afghanistan will be seen playing their football matches, and today, all these matches will be played inside India without spectators. Spectators will not be allowed to enter them, and these matches will be played politely. It is expected that ICC has also agreed to prepare its event here in a complete manner this time, and we see a lot of changes here regarding the way India has hosted its occurrence, and also a lot of changes regarding the security system. It is being said continuously that they want to move here as soon as possible and with complete maintenance, as much as they are trying to move here as much as possible with the people. He was seen doing an entry act with the people seen meeting him so that people remained with him ultimately.



For India, many people would come to the world to hold ICC events because it would be costly for them to organize an ICC event. They would have to take complete care of all the sizes of CC cement inside any shirt here. It will not be seen, but today, there will be a three-way match between Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Bangladesh and South Africa will also be seen playing their first board match here, after which the team will be fully active. I am trying as much as possible to be seen working towards my cricket, making my cricket with him, and entirely focusing on the World Cup that comes to my mind in the city.



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