India again gave a new warning to Pakistan

India and Pakistan are considered two neighbouring countries, but the situation between these countries is terrible. They are also seen fighting against each other; they are famous for fighting and do not live together at all, although India continually tries hard to live together with America. It can entirely fight against Pakistan. Due to the relationship between India and America, Pakistan is feeling very scared because, till now, there is no country as powerful as America. America is entirely ready to demonstrate its power. Lives and his power display will remain in such a way that in the coming time, his full extent will also be visible.



India has also issued an ultimatum to Pakistan that the sooner Pakistan distances itself from India, the better it will be. It will become perfect for Pakistan, but India will also try to spoil it entirely if it tries to get it near Pakistan. Do not try to enter Pakistan inside the border of India if it does anything wrong with India. The issue with India is that if it violates the treaty this time, then whenever it gets a chance to take action right here, India will be fully prepared for it, and for this, Pakistan must have thought very quickly. This thing will not even be possible to think about. The sooner India becomes ready for it, the more it endeavours to create a peaceful environment with the whole world.



India said that the culprits in the 26/11 attacks should be thoroughly punished.



India knows those responsible for the 26/11 attacks on India are roaming freely inside Pakistan. Friends, full punishment should be announced for the Kashmiris who were utterly destroyed. Pakistan is saying that it should always keep its distance from the talk of occupying Kashmir because Kashmir entirely belongs to India. India has never seen Pakistan as its Kashmir. Pakistan is at all ready for that. Otherwise, the situation inside Pakistan should be fully explained to India. Pakistan’s position has reached a very critical point, and people are not ready to come there in any way. Travel has completely stopped, and no one is ready to make a good treaty with this country.


Just like the reasonable efforts that India is making at this time, India is also in the news a lot for its actions, and it continues to make the same efforts. He can make efforts for India as soon as possible, and India thinks the most for its people. It does not consider anyone more than its people, and it is its primary responsibility to continuously provide security to the Indian people, just like others. Countries try for their people, and in this way, India also makes an effort. The people of India are also fully prepared for the times to come in India, just as India is making reasonable efforts at this time. India is doing its best. It is also in the news for its actions and constant struggle to make efforts for India as quickly as possible, and India seems to be thinking the most about its people. He does not consider anyone more than his people; his primary responsibility is to provide constant security to the Indian people. Just as other countries try for their people, in this way, India also makes an effort, and the people of India also wholly protect themselves. India’s army is constantly in force, and efforts are being made to ensure that the security of India is maintained. India can be better than anything else. It can provide such facilities.





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