Kareena Kapoor made a big plan to make her birthday memorable

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Kareena Kapoor is known as Bebo in Bollywood, so her recognition in Bollywood is very high, and she is ready to be active in Bollywood again. This time, she is in the news. She is going to London for Krishna’s birthday. She is trying her best to celebrate her birthday only in London. This time, she is also going to London. She has wholly left for there with her family. Her birthday is coming very soon, and her fans are excited that she will be seen there in a completely different look this time. She may also be seen meeting fans there because her love following is increasing rapidly worldwide. However, when she distanced herself from films after marriage, her lover following grew a lot. More work was done.



Kareena Kapoor is seen focusing a lot on her career, and now she is prepared for the upcoming films in a Bhojpuri style so that Gobar can perform better than before in these films, and the more she performs, the better. It will be seen that the best quality of her films will be seen, and the way she is very excited about her movies, she is also trying to fulfil any desire regarding the film. She is not seen working the way she used to work earlier when she was debuting in Bollywood at the age of 18. Even today, she is seen working completely in Bollywood in this manner. Her acting leaves a different impression, and she is an outstanding actress in Bollywood.



Karisma Kapoor was also seen with Kareena Kapoor.



Both sisters clicked many photos, which they have continuously posted on social media, and their fans are constantly connecting with them on social media. It is seen that the way she has uploaded the video of her entire journey, she is in the news a lot, and it is being said continuously that Kareena Kapoor and Karisma Kapoor. The couple is very fantastic. Both sisters have distinct identities within Bollywood, and she is pleased with how she is excited about her identity within Bollywood. Their identity in Bollywood is constantly being recognized as one.



Karisma Kapoor believes that the better she performs in Bollywood, the better it will be for her in the future. On the other hand, Karisma Kapoor looks pretty caring towards her family. She constantly takes care of her family. Although she was seen talking too much about her family, she also refused to work in Bollywood. She is not active in Bollywood and has no plans for the future. And till now, she has said that she is not ready to be engaged in Bollywood. She is always trying to distance herself from Bollywood, and the more effort she puts in, the more she seems to be succeeding in it because She enjoys spending time together, so she is not ready to come to Bollywood in any way. The more she stays with her family, the better it will be for her, although many directors are trying to reach out to her so that she can. She could work less in films, but Karisma Kapoor says she will never be seen working in cinema.





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