America released a new report about Pakistan

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America’s intelligence agency is entirely active in its work worldwide. Just as the main branch of the United Nations is present in New York, keeping it in such a place is very difficult for them. It is necessary, and he constantly tries to ensure that his most significant focus is on the dirty activities happening within the country so that no country can misuse its things and rights. And if he misuses his rights in this way, then America will be ready very quickly to stop him because America has mighty powers that no other country has. Apart from being the most powerful country, it is also much more robust than other countries regarding technology and economic conditions.



America has a perfect identity within the country and abroad. America constantly tries very well to keep its identity low, but the President there continually tries to maintain the country’s economy. He should also try to keep the technology that is expanded within the country perfect and the way he completely controls the United Nations; he also holds a close watch on the terrorist situation of other countries, where he has also made many revelations about Pakistan. When Osama Bin Laden hid inside Pakistan, the entire American army reached there, utterly exposing Pakistan. This time, too, it has been alerted that the sooner Pakistan comes, it will go away from the mind. Hence, the results may be even better in the future.



America is much ahead of India in terms of nuclear weapons.



America is much ahead of India in making nuclear weapons. In contrast, they have just made a revelation for Pakistan and said that Pakistan is trying very hard to make 90 nuclear weapons at the time of Pakistan. The condition of Pakistan is terrible; there is a financial crisis there, and Diwali can be declared very early in the country, but still, the work of becoming the ultimate killer there has not stopped at all. Pakistan has more than 200 nuclear weapons, and India does not have such weapons. Despite having so much technology, even America does not have as many nuclear weapons as Pakistan. Pakistan can use these nuclear weapons a lot in the future. Hence, America tried to stop it by revealing it and said that if it did not control such activities, the end would be awful for Pakistan.



Pakistan remains in the news a lot every day regarding its terrorism. It is also ready to increase its terrorist activities; in some way or another, it is seen as troubling the people. It is wrong, but the way the stock of weapons is there, even now, seems to be getting very good; there is no attempt to destroy the guns in any way, although day by day, they are improving their weapons. He is trying to increase his quantity ultimately, and his only identity is that in some way or another, this time, he should achieve such a significant identity and make his name so big that the name of weapons will know Pakistan. However, their guns are proving to be too embarrassing for them.



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