Rohit Sharma’s captaincy can show impact

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The Indian cricket team seems to be playing in perfect form now, and its performance looks excellent and brilliant in every match, one after the other. Because of that, it is entirely in contention for the World Cup. After this, the teams from all over the world are constantly in trouble. How will they win against the Indian team? Everyone will be trying to win against the Indian team. Although the ODI teams from all over the world are ranked in the ICC Cricket World Cup in Pakistan, they also seemed completely afraid of the Indian team, and their performance against the Indian team was not good. However, the Indian cricket team scored 360 runs against them, confirming their point. Pakistan’s team could not achieve this score and got entirely all out. However, thanks to the brilliant bowling of Kuldeep Yadav, it was seen that the Indian cricket team did an excellent job of defeating Pakistan. Pakistan cricket Fans also seemed very sad about this, and the India-Pakistan pair is in the gallery. It is very amazing.



The Indian team has a captain like Rohit Sharma, obsessed with winning due to his continuous captaincy innings. He likes to play long innings very much, although the most extensive record in his name is still there, and no one has been able to break his history. His constant effort is to take the team to the highest total so that the team can fight. Be prepared for this, and due to this, the entire team’s focus is that all the players have to take the team to a decisive victory.



Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma at their new position



Virat Kohli, the pillar of the Indian cricket team, is in perfect form, and recently, he has scored the 47th century of his career against Pakistan. Now, he will focus entirely on this century. He should prepare for the next century. Although his form is currently the best in the world, he is one of the best cricketers in ODIs and has improved his cricket again in ODIs. He was entirely out of form, after which he returned and took control of his career. Ideally, Virat Kohli will continue his excellent form in the World Cup this time.



Virat Kohli has also scored the fastest 12000 runs; before this, he was the quickest player to score 8,000, 10000 and 11000 runs. Thus, his name has been recorded, whereas Rohit Sharma also completed 10000 runs in front of Sri Lanka yesterday, after which he has come in the list of those five players who have scored 10000 runs while playing for the Indian cricket team and in this way, Rohit Sharma bhaiya is entirely Indian. He has become an outstanding player in the cricket team. Similarly, he was given the captaincy, and with his captaincy, he is now making every effort to make the Indian cricket team win first the Asia Cup and later the World Cup to be held in India. If he succeeds in this, he will be the third captain of the Indian team who will help the Indian section win the World Cup.





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