Leader ready to change party in Rajasthan politics

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At present, the politics of Rajasthan is in whole discussion within the country of India because now there is only some time left for the general elections. All the fairies of saree are continuously preparing to field their candidates. In some way or another, there will be a complete opportunity for new candidates’ characteristics to emerge. However, many candidates will be seen contesting the elections with the same old basket. Still, there will be many candidates who can make their mark in their area. Minimise the campaign in your area in the best possible way, leave no stone unturned in the campaigning within your site and in the coming time, give a perfect opportunity to the election campaign here in a complete manner, due to which they get a different identity there. So that he can register a complete victory for his party there, he should give full opportunity to his party to form the government there.



The prominent leaders keep changing parties to get a good party where they can get ministerial posts. If possible, and the party wins, the number of people leaving is higher than ever, just as most Congress people in the Bharatiya Janata Party at the Center are seen leaving the Congress. The people also have good ministerial posts there, so there is a lot of happiness. They stand by their decision to change their party, and their decision remains correct in this manner. If so, then people become ready to change the party. Similar kinds of politics and things are being seen in Rajasthan also. In this way, many leaders have emerged in Rajasthan, too, who are ready to change the party continuously and are coming forward.



Dismissed Congress minister Rajendra Gudda can also change party.



Recently, Rajendra Gudda, who came in front of everyone due to the Lal Diary issue, is also entirely in the news. He had opened an act against the Congress Party inside the Assembly regarding Lal Diary, after which the Congress Party had wholly dismissed him. The Congress party had said that if their ministers were doing this to them, then it was not at all suitable for them, and they were exposed entirely because of the dirty acts done by their ministers. After the dismissal of Rajendra Gudda, Allen made an offer to bring the Lal Diary, which was entirely against the Congress and told that inside the Lal Diary, all the corruption done by the Congress was written. The entire list of crimes is there, and he was dismissed because Rajendra Gudda could not do anything in front of him.



The Congress Party has entirely dismissed him and is now ready to join another party or contest the elections as an independent. Gudda ji comes from the assembly constituency. Its name is Udaipurwati, and the environment of Rajendra Gudda there is perfect, after which Rajendra Gudda has ultimately invited the President of Shiv Sena on his son’s birthday in the same way. Now, it is expected that Rajendra Gudda is going to join the Shiv Sena Party very soon, and the entry of the Shiv Sena Party in Rajasthan can also happen with this because till now, Shiv Sena has not participated so much in the elections in Rajasthan. By Rajendra Gudda This time, he is ready to take full participation here.


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