After India, other countries are ready to go to the moon.

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India’s attempt to go to the moon has wholly succeeded. India has become a country to go to the moon. Still, even after that, those constantly trying to do the same in other countries say that if India can achieve world achievement, it can quickly reach more. When India tried to send Chandrayantri to the moon, it ultimately failed in the first attempt, but after a long wait of 2 years. The effort he made to send this Chandrayaan to the moon was wholly successful, and this success of India was very much discussed in the whole world, and the name of India is also very much on the faces of the people. But it has started living because people have started knowing India completely, and the identity of the people has also changed in a different way for India.



Apart from India, the decision taken by Russia to send a satellite above the moon and the attempt to master itself entirely by sending a sucking satellite above the moon, he also did it, and he was almost wholly successful in this. His satellite had also reached the top of the moon, but during a soft landing, his satellite was utterly crushed, and his dream of going to the moon was completely broken. The girl from India was entirely motivated by How the Indian scientists took their lives last time. Their satellite could not reach the top of the moon. After that, when the Indian scientists worked again and again, they were entirely motivated by this hard work, and He said that he was learning a lot from India.



Japan will also send its satellite to the moon very soon.



In Japan, he is thoroughly preparing to send his satellite to the moon, and he can install it very quickly on the moon. He gave complete information about this satellite through his social media. It is full of technology, and in the constant discussion about this technology, it has been said that in this way, looking at the changes in its technology Can get. On the other hand, technological changes have happened continuously in their country. However, their dream of reaching the moon, which is still incomplete, will be completed very soon, and after India, if any country can come above, then their name can only be Japan.



Many countries are constantly working hard to reach the top of the moon. Still, India has had the most significant success in this, and very angry with Indian success, India has expressed its happiness and said what kind of thing is suitable for their country. The something he is seen saying and his country now goes entirely upwards. It is visible that his test above the moon is booming, and he will continue to do it day by day. However, after the moon, India has now tried to go to the sun’s surface, and for that too, it has launched the satellite Aditya. It remains to be seen when Aditya lands on the sun’s surface and what is there. The way the activity is visible and the God of India, where scientists are constantly engaged in their work, has become very popular worldwide.


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