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For the last 20 months, all the countries have tried their best to stop the war. America has also made a lot of efforts for this. However, the results of this war are very harmful to the entire world. The way it has been going on for two years now, there are no results of the war, but there are no countries left to lick. On the one hand, Russia is considered one of the most potent countries; on the other hand, if we keep talking, the situation in Ukraine is also terrible. Ukraine is constantly very weak due to its economic condition. But with the help of other countries, it has continuously stood up against Russia, and the actions it continues to take against it are also visible. Still, Russia is also deciding whether to back down and believes it has complete control over Ukraine. He can retain whatever he wants whenever he wants, and no country can take him back to stop this occupation.



In this way, the whole world is worried about the severe war that is going on between these countries, and the world as a whole has started fearing that the situation of the Third World War may come in the future. And if there is a third world war, the whole world will suffer a lot from this, and nuclear tests can also be done during it. This has a severe effect. It can be seen that it will also be very harmful to the Earth, where nuclear tests can be done. Russia has threatened many times that it can use atomic weapons on Ukraine. Still, If they can use nuclear weapons, it will be wrong for the world. The world is also very much afraid of it, and the general public is panicked and wants to end the war between Russia and Ukraine.



Ukraine made changes in its country’s ministerial posts.



Ukraine’s constant effort is to face Russia in one way or another. To face it, it has agreed to make massive changes even within its ministerial post. It has been said to create many changes inside the cabinet so that its expansion can be seen soon. However, he was assigned a position to his new minister to strengthen the economic situation. He could try this, but the financial condition there had become very weak due to this. His results started going down one after the other, so he used this method to handle his economic condition. We’re ready to make changes inside the cabinet, and the President there says that after making changes inside the cabinet, he can go ahead with excellent thinking.



Roshni has ultimately upheld the strategy of her war against Ukraine and has said that she will be ready to face any country that ever stands against her and, after that, what Sen can do. It is not with any country. There is also full availability of weapons from them, and due to the availability of this place, it is ready to spread its glory inside the whole world. However, India and its friendship are not fully protected. It is heard that Russia has helped a lot in India’s time, so it constantly prays to India to finish the purge as soon as possible and the loss of both the countries for the coming time is inside it. What is happening? He has been trying again and again that he should try to end this war, and how successful this effort of India is. Its full address will be the G meeting of the G-20 countries, in which India and Russia The conversation will depend on him.



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