Russia is disappointed that Russia’s satellite is not installed on the Moon.

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India’s Chandrayaan 3 was established entirely on the Moon, and India has taken a lot of shelter in it. Indian scientists are being praised in the world continuously for their work done by Indian scientists. There is a lot of discussion about India’s technology, which has not taken the name of India’s meeting for the last few days. India has made another achievement very quickly. Write your name in India very quickly. The surface of the sun Is also trying to reach you and has launched a missile completely to write it, and today is who is rising to be entirely successful in the exam. If it becomes altogether successful, then there will be continuous monumental achievements for India, which India is trying to establish.



It has always been such an effort of India that, in one way or another, it has proved itself in the whole world, which is why it was very much discussed. He tried in every way, but his satellite fell asleep there, and after its crash, he was utterly disappointed. This way, when his satellite was crushed for a country, it was a flame. He gets very spoiled, becomes very ashamed of himself about the original hands, and ultimately breaks down there, just like the last time he sent a satellite being an Indian scientist. First, there was a crush, after which Indian scientists looked very disappointed.



Russia will try to go to the Moon again.



Russia has said in its further statement that it will also try its best to go to the Moon again. If it is successful in going to the Moon, then it will be a big thing for it because He was pleased with how India established its satellite on the Moon. He also congratulated the Indian Government. He also congratulated the Indian scientists and said that the way they are leading the world regarding technology, Russia is moving upwards. In the coming days, it will ultimately leave America behind. The biggest reason for leaving America behind is that the relations between Russia and America could improve. Russia also wants India to become the most potent country so that it becomes below Russia.



Russia must make full efforts so that if it establishes its satellite on the Moon this time, its country will feel at ease. Its scientists have also made a lot of efforts for this, however. Despite significant efforts, the scientist needed help to be fully established on the Moon and his satellite, which had crashed there. It is being told that a vast crater had formed there, due to which his satellite had crashed there. But it could not be landed properly, and the job of landing a satellite in India was that a lot of caution was taken during the soft. In India, it was wanted that if any soft landing is done on the Moon, then what will happen? India’s satellite will be fully established there, and India will set an extensive record in it, and India will achieve this fate very quickly.

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