Russia gave more good signs for India in business.

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The finance dealer relationship between India and Russia is continuously increasing, and this is an attempt to show that India is ready to build good relations with Russia in some way. R and Russia also want to help India in every possible way. However, India has refused any interference in the war between Russia and Ukraine. It has been said that if it needs India in any way, then India is ready for that, but He will never be seen with Ukraine because Ukraine has never supported India. Ukraine has always stood in opposition to India. The country that will always speak in opposition to India will never come with India, but Russia will always help India. India continues to make every effort to ensure that Russia keeps India from facing any problems; hence, India is always ready with Russia, but India will never be prepared with other countries.



The vision of good relations between India and Russia is constantly visible. Its application is becoming more visible daily, just as when India started buying crude oil from Russia. At that time, the price of crude oil was very high. Still, Russia thought giving it to India on easy instalments was right. Russia said it could provide it to India in easy instalments but never give it to other countries. How they gradually reduced crude oil prices, the relationship between India and India has become much better, and the relationship between these two countries has become much better. It is a combination that people are seen to be very jealous of, the way Pakistan constantly tries to ensure that there is no friendship between Russia and India.



The massive decline seen in crude oil prices



When India started taking crude oil from Russia, the price of crude oil used to be very high, but Russia thought it right to give it to India at a very cheap time because India seems to be using the most crude oil. The population in India has now become the highest in the world, which is what India needs the most and the crude oil is seen flowing happily in the refineries of India. It has gradually increased its prices within these prices. – Tried to bring down the prices slowly. He has kept the prices the same since he started supplying crude oil to India. He has continuously talked about bringing down these prices drastically.



Because of the rising crude oil prices, Pakistan has also refused it and said that it is ending the natural oil deal with Ras, and now it will not buy any oil from Ras. He wants to work entirely within his country’s refinery, which is completely damaged. In contrast, India tried its best to demand more crude oil from Russia. It said that India Rishi will make every possible effort to ensure that the crude oil reaches India properly and the way the crude oil consumption is increasing within India, the way the natural oil goods are continuously growing here, the way petrol and diesel are increasing. The prices of crude oil are also going up very much. Every effort will be made to work on them. In the last 15 days, there has been a massive decline in crude oil prices by almost 30 per cent, due to which the people of India are apprehensive.


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