Imran Khan cannot get bail anywhere now

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Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan is being seen continuously taking action there; how are they constantly taking action against him, one after the other, due to which he is not getting bail at all, even after serving his three-year sentence? He will also tell the matter, and due to the punishment, he was entirely inside the jail, but he has to make every effort to come out. He is also continuously talking to his lawyer. His lawyer has always filed petitions in the High Court. He is trying to get him out of there somehow, and Imran Khan is also trying to get him out as soon as possible. Why should he get back into politics today? Because elections are to be held in Pakistan and due to these elections, he ultimately wants to move his party to the top again here. However, when he was the Prime Minister there, many allegations were levelled against him, after which he had to step down from the post of Prime Minister.



It continued on for a long time, and he had to go to court for a hearing for this case. In this, he had committed corruption, to which he never admitted this matter. He did not accept that he did this corruption. He ultimately took all the money invested in the development of Pakistan. I have been seen doing it, but he has been granted bail many times. This time, when he was sitting comfortably at home, he got the people arrested by the army personnel who reached his court; after offering the facility, He was entirely detained and is being investigated.



The investigating agency also made allegations against Imran Khan.



Along with the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, the agency is also making continuous efforts to complete the investigation against him as soon as possible. Still, he has already been sent to jail, and his lawyers have entirely appealed to the High Court. They have appealed to the Supreme Court that they are going against them, so they should be taken from there as soon as possible and released on bail. There has yet to be an idea of what the High Court will offer if it accepts them. If he is removed completely, it will be a big thing for Imran Khan; if the High Court releases him or is granted bail, people will be ready to investigate him.



The investigating agency is already making efforts for continuous investigation so that if Imran Khan comes out on bail, he can complete the action taken against him, and there should not be any flaw in his action. If he comes out on bail, he will be immediately arrested, and we can see new difficulties coming one after the other for Imran Khan. Therefore, Imran Khan should be completely careful about this. He should entirely focus on the matter that he cannot get stuck in the custody of Pakistan in any way. If he comes out of one control, he will be fully prepared for the other, although many exams have been put on him there. And action is being taken against them one after the other.

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