The atmosphere in Rajasthan is heated due to the elections in October.

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Chief Minister Ashok Gehlotte is ultimately telling us that he proves his grandfather for the post of Chief Minister again, and that is why he is repeatedly seen focusing on other leaders that he constantly says that Ashok Gehlot’s mouth She has been in Congress and repeatedly making her the Chief Minister is not at all right for the Congress party and if she is made the face of the Chief Minister’s post again, then the Congress party is not likely to get total votes this time because this No one inside Rajasthan wants him to be made the Chief Minister, the way Sachin Pilot was prevented from becoming the Chief Minister last time, because of that too many MLAs went against him. Continuously, he remained in opposition to the MLA. He has left Ashok Gehlot entirely, and now he is not seen with Ashok Gehlot at all, but the Congress party is trying to unite itself so that they do not face any problems in the elections this time.



The Bharatiya Janata Party has got a big issue regarding the post of the Chief Minister of the Congress Party, and how many of the Bharatiya Janata Party are constantly being seen that the Congress Party has only one face, that is Ashok Gehl, to bring him to the fore again and again. Sachin Pilot has made more efforts inside Rajasthan for the Congress party. It is a lot of work, and he is trying to continue his efforts continuously, but still, he needs a face for the post of Chief Minister. He has also worked very hard for the position of Chief Minister and can be considered one of the most successful faces continuously here. Still, it is not right at all to repeatedly make Ashok Gehlot the Chief Minister, and because of this, he is not at all correct.




Difficult for the party to choose the real contender for the chair



Within the Bharatiya Janata Party, 20 times for the post of Chief Minister, many leaders can prove to be on the water. Here also the way Sundar Rajya was made entirely a candidate for the position of Chief Minister within the last election, but he was elected entirely here. Mohammed was unable to achieve this effectively, so now, for the coming elections, the whole issue remains as to who can be made the face of the Chief Minister here, while within the Congress party, too, a huge fight is to be seen this time. Can get it because in his Congress, both Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot will be seen in front of him, where Ashok Gehlot will be seen repeatedly saying that he does not want the post of Chief Minister, but the high command wants to give him this vote again and again, but no such Even if it happens, Sachin Pilot should be explained above all for this because the way Sachin Pilot rules the hearts of the youth, the youth like him continuously and he is made the face of their chief ministership, then the Congress party it would be more accessible for party.



The Congress party was seen here presenting its claim ultimately, and they say that this time also, they are ready to form their government here with a full majority, and if I can form their government, then it will be perfect for them. There will be a talk, and the new issue will be that of the Chief Minister’s post. However, every time someone seems to be fighting for the Chief Minister’s position somehow, it is essential whom the legislative party chooses. However, the Congress party, The High Command, is constantly seen with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. He had filled his family continuously, and the Chief Minister also said that the High Command repeatedly wanted him to take over the post of the Chief Minister and, therefore, can hold this post.


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