Rashtrapati Bhawan inside Pakistan is in complete danger.

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Inside Pakistan, the Prime Minister was wholly dismissed again, and after that, a Caretaker Prime Minister was also given the post. Although the election time there is very near, the Prime Minister resigns like this before that. It has become a world record that the Prime Minister has yet to complete the term of 5 years in Pakistan and would have left this term earlier. And now it has been seen that the Prime Minister there has completely resigned and is completely separated from Pakistan.



The army handles the work that is entirely inside Pakistan, so incidents from the ground are seen there. The army completely removed the Prime Minister from his post and misused him. It is seen that, therefore, India is not ready to make any agreement with Pakistan, and The offices of the government employees inside Pakistan are also in complete danger. Outside them, the people of Pakistan are seen making a lot of noise, and the houses of even small leaders have been broken continuously. It is being made difficult against them. In this way, the atmosphere of Pakistan has become terrible.



The President of Pakistan is in danger of his life.



The President of Pakistan has wholly increased his security there. He said that the security outside the Rashtrapati Bhavan should also be tightened entirely because now his life is ultimately in danger. At the same time, Pakistan will see a complete terrorist organisation outside the Rashtrapati Bhavan. After this, the President appealed that the security of the Rashtrapati Bhavan should be increased and provided with good protection so they can come. In the future, he can prepare his facility best and bring out new things for the country and the world.



The former Prime Minister of Pakistan resigned completely, after which the President ruled there. Although a Prime Minister was kept there as a revolutionary Prime Minister, he saw nothing special daily. Coming because the life of Pakistan as a whole started to be in danger. Pakistan said that in this way, their life was also feeling very much threatened there. They felt unsafe there, so he ultimately increased his security there. At the same time, he also told the army that if maximum protection were given outside his house, it would be excellent security for his leader and his life there anytime.

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