Rajkumar Rao’s Guns and Gulab will release today

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Rajkummar Rao’s Guns and Gulab will be released on Netflix, and Rajkummar Rao is returning to Bollywood after a long time because he took time for his marriage. And for the last five years, he has not given any such superhit film to Bollywood, regarding which he has wholly returned inside Bollywood and while coming inside Bollywood, now he is coming with excellent films so that His fans could attract him again. His fans are also ready to see how he has created a company inside Bollywood. Rajkumar Rao established Bollywood’s kingship today after coming from a middle-class family.



Rajkumar Rao comes from a middle-class family, the way he started in Bollywood; at that time, he had no idea that he would get such prominent recognition inside Bollywood, and today he has become a prominent actor in Bollywood through his films. There is a lot of demand inside. All the directors want to do that film with Rajkumar Rao so that their film can get a different identity and the way Rajkumar Rao is prepared for his movies. His crazy attitude towards Bollywood also shows that he is an actor. He wants to act. He loves it very much and does not want to back down from acting in any way, so he gets a chance to go inside. Leaving and always very much ready to rise above the occasion.



Rajkumar Rao also discussed the upcoming film Stree 2



Rajkumar Rao gave many big films to Bollywood, which are Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Street and Stree Ki Ore. He gave many significant films to Bollywood. These films also create a message within Bollywood that people have tried to eliminate that too. Before making a film, they see its target, how much it can affect society and its positive impact on the community. Sir, he does these films seeing what he gets, and with these films, he wants to convey the message to the general public, and his only aim is that he should keep doing films for the people. He continues to love his audience very much. He is also seen meeting the country.



Rajkumar Rao is very excited about his upcoming films and said he is entirely focused on the upcoming movies. He wants to keep this box the same because he has continuously been away from Bollywood for the last five years. The way he is away has taken him a lot of time, and now he is returning. Hence, you guys have full hope that he will be liked by the general public very much. Till the general public, he will again bring entertainment the way People love him, and he will try to keep that love completely.



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