Apara Mehta shared some stories related to her life with the media.

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Apara Mehta was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and since then, she has lived in Gujarat. At just 3, she sang her song and sold it, which is famous worldwide. People constantly liked Li Thi, and people started saying that she could become a very talented actress because her acting was excellent, and at just 15, she did a show. They had been sedated, after which it was known that it was not like normal humans. It does very different acting, constantly trying its drama completely to do it correctly and any problem. Had he seen her, he could have corrected it immediately, so it was a complete sign of a talented actress, and she was living up to it, after which many directors looked at her, and they cast her for their films.



Apara Mehta used to enter the acting world from the beginning, so she started acting continuously. In this she also did many shows in many films, she was interviewed inside Bollywood and Bollywood, it was not working that He had no idea at all how his films would be a hit there or whether he would not get popularity there wholly, but he still thought it right to do films, it was his constant effort to continue doing films and If she gets the proper film, then her film will be a super hit because people used to like her more than before and at the age of 3, I was ready to love the actress who gave such a big song to the country forever, but His film career started a bit late. However, he had a massive superhit in the first film.



Atal Bihari Vajpayee invited Apara Mehta for dinner.



Mehta said that when he reached there, many Bharatiya Janata Party leaders were also present there, and Hema Malini, who was present during the day, and many other guests were called there. Among them, we had the name of Apara Mehta, and that’s why she was pleased that the Prime Minister of India had called her there.



Apara Mehta further said that when Sanjay Leela Bhansali had signed her for the film Devdas and when she called her, she was making potato patties at her house, and guests were coming to her place, so she took them to her house. I sent a lot, and he picked up yesterday when he got a call on the landline. It was from Sanjay Leela Bhansali, and he said that she was his lead actress for the film Devdas and was ready for this role, so he invited her. I immediately said yes to the part.



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