Youtube worldwide started in 2004

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If we talk about YouTube being famous worldwide, people continuously put content on it and get a lot of likes; they keep activating the subscription plan and the content creators who take it. He has been very persistent with me, and his constant YouTube is also seen giving a lot of money, so people who do a video making on YouTube when it is growing very quickly and people very fast on it They are trying to put their videos on YouTube so that they become famous all over the world, along with increasing popularity, they also get a lot of money from which they can bring a good income, so YouTube The craziness of the people towards it is being seen continuously very fast, people are constantly seen putting their content on it.



YouTube was started by three friends together in 2004, and they had no intention that this application would become a video streaming app in future. Still, they started this application through a dating service application and said they wanted to use it. People who want online dating can do so by coming on this but starting in 2004. No reaction came to the application till 2005. Till the middle of 1 year, he was reading empty applications but then youtube makers put a video on top of it in which he was seen making a video inside a birdhouse, and he posted that video on YouTube, then gradually it started getting many posts on YouTube.


impossible to watch all videos on youtube



Watching all the videos on YouTube will take about 57000 years because too many videos have been uploaded continuously. In that case, its video quality has also started becoming very good, and YouTube has given a lot of attention to this channel. He has also made all the changes continuously and is also seen making many other changes, he said that he has been in constant discussion about these changes as well, but he does not care what anyone says about him. However, today YouTube is giving more money to many people worldwide because the city is visible, and many people are seen making an excellent income.



People have started earning good money on this, after which YouTube has also been considered an employment platform. If someone puts good content here, it benefits him—the chances of getting more money increase. Many people upload the maximum number of videos on this regarding the education department and the comedy department, due to which its behaviour among the Indian public has also started to look better, and Indian People like it very much; the people who put the most content in the world are also from India, so YouTube is continuously increasing its attraction towards India.




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