Russia also started full-fledged efforts to go to the moon, like India.

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He seems to be entirely successful in trying to go to the moon like India, and he has made an evil plan to land Chandpur like Chandrayaan-3 like Luna 25, and they have done this. The rocket has been wholly launched from our country today, and after the actual launching will now try its best to go to the moon, and the happiness that has happened is that it is constantly trying to find water on the moon. Like India, he has failed many times, but his efforts are persistent, and he has spent much money on this mission. It is his constant endeavour to, somehow or the other, establish his complete supremacy over the moon.



America has also sold many such aircraft inside space to find water on the moon continuously. Still, till now, the availability of water on the moon has yet to be estimated, and India has also sent Chandrayantri there for this. Sent to Jail to know thoroughly about the hustle and bustle going on there, the way it is possible to keep life there or not, it can also be estimated and if life there is successful. If this happens, bringing people there will also start very soon, and all the countries are continuously trying for this. America, Russia, India, and China are big countries that constantly try to discover how life can be mated on the moon. If that is not possible there, they are also looking for its possibilities.


Russia did this test after 47 years.



He has done the test after 47 years, and 47 years ago, he would have been successful in the mission to go up to the moon, but after that, he completely turned his back on this mission. Now its President has informed us that he will reach the moon very soon and can get to it two days before India’s Chandrayantri, i.e., on August 21. He constantly changes and will register his availability on the moon until August 21. For this, continuous efforts are being made to make this mission successful in some way in Russia.



Russia first said it wanted to come above powers like America, one of the world’s largest aircraft sending aircraft inside space. Still, India has continuously sent many aircraft to the space centre. After this, India’s job is chandrayaan-2. The last time it was sent, it failed utterly, after which India always worked hard for three years. After three years, when they successfully tested chandrayaan-3, many countries of the world were seen appreciating them, France and India also praised India a lot, and France has said that in the coming time, India will be able to become a developed country even from America.



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