India's top opposition leader Rahul Gandhi, center, arrives at the Parliament in New Delhi, India, Monday, Aug.7, 2023. India's Parliament on Monday reinstated Gandhi as a lawmaker three days after the country's top court halted his criminal defamation conviction for mocking the prime minister's surname. (AP Photo)

Rahul Gandhi issues a critic

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Rahul Gandhi has issued a very cryptic statement for the time being against the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi after everything that is happened in the session which was exclusively made for no confidence motion and in the light of every thing that has taken place things and not working according to the expectation of the It is important to understand that the concept of the democracy important multiple aspects have been complicated over the time but due to all of these reasons it only gets difficult to understand that what is the intention of the politicians in today’s world because it has become impossible for the people to comprehend by things I happening in such a way and there is no way out in which they can actually do everything beyond the level of the success in order to satisfy all the people who have been voting the majority party to power and this is itself special in a country like India which is known to be the largest democracy in itself.


But Rahul Gandhi has definitely got some different comments with respect to the statements that have been delivered by Modi in the session as he has been able to notify and bring to the note of the world that why Manipur is already burning the Indian Prime Minister is only there for cracking jokes in the Parliament and he has got nothing to do with respect to solving the problem and according to his behaviour the kind of action he has been able to display is completely without any logic and this is definitely on the kind of solution for the people out of him for the time and where is nothing to get better. This is something extremely important but for the time being it is not going to help at all because the elections I around the corner and the existing party has to tried level best in order to get ported to power for the third time but it seems the expectation but the people have not been met and when it comes to understanding the concept of divisions then it is a duty of the government to get back to its original form and also find out ways in which it can change its policy. It is only with the help of proper disclosures that something can be done about it as soon as possible but for the time being this is not going to help the people because all of them definitely need a clear solution to every kind of problem they have been facing as the government is expecting something concrete out of the people as well but it seems like the tables have turned and ITE Vil bi difficult for the government to win the elections in the coming here.


It is going to held the people to work late extent and this is one of the most important prospective which has to be sured with the people and multiple type of aspects have to be considered time by time and things have to be noted as soon as possible but then it comes to understanding every thing then it is upon the people to get the basic idea of multiple factors the four it is only because nobody wants the other person to suffer because of mind it disturbance and government at this point of time does not know what it is doing up on the people.


It takes time for the people to accept all these factors because for them the security of the country is something will be important but after all of this has taken please it is going to create huge amount of problems for the people and this will be helpful in finding out the multiple way to solutions which has to be discovered as soon as possible.

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