India lost the first T20 International against the West Indies.

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The Indian cricket team has started the T20 series against the West Indies from the first T20 International, and 5 T20 matches are to be played inside this series, about which the new announcement of the Indian team was made, new players were given a chance inside it, as yesterday Mukesh Kumar and Tilak Parmar made their debut inside the match, since then everyone was eyeing both the players that when they finally reach the place of cricket after rising above domestic cricket, it is essential for them that there How do you perform and how much do you do well for your team so that they can be kept for the future, the way the Asia Cup, the ICC World Cup is closer, so it is the responsibility of the BCCI to keep an eye on all the players.



India played the first t20 match against the West Indies even better, although, during the first innings, they restricted a big team like the West Indies to a score of 149 runs. Still, the Indian cricket team played very well initially when they started chasing it. But gradually, the batting became very bad, and the Indian team lost this match by four runs. After losing the first T20 match, the four-match winners became necessary for the Indian team, and from here, it was perfect for them. It will be more because of the way the West Indies team is already out, and if the Indian team loses to that team, then it is a matter of great concern.



West Indies bowlers won the match.



This match was going very well, where the Bhati team came out to chase the target of 150 runs; a very easy victory for the Indian team was visible in it, but the early wickets kept falling, then slowly Tilakpur Mane and Suryakumar Yadav handled the innings, after that it was also said that within the coming five years, the Indian cricket team would finish this match completely and by winning the first t20 match, it will go ahead 1-0 inside the series, but it is not so at all. The hold came out because their bowling was excellent, they set themselves up perfectly, and they also troubled the Indian batters a lot. The West Indies bowlers were constantly looking at one another, and their bowlers gave the Indian cricket team a lot of trouble. Beat by four runs during the first T20 match.



Indian captain Hardik Pandya said there was a slight weakness in his batting order, due to which he had to face defeat, but he said that he would come fully prepared within the next match. And he said that he would return during the next match with some changes. He is worried about where he is lacking in today’s match, and he is constantly focusing on that, and the Indian cricket team Is playing excellent cricket. Still, it is complicated for him, and if the Indian team loses at this time, then the whole effect falls on the Asia Cup World Cup.



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