A scuffle was witnessed in the Rajasthan Assembly today.

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A big issue occurred in Rajasthan Vidhansabha today when the House started early in the morning. Speaker CP Joshi was present there, and all the 200 MLAs in Rajasthan were also in full force simultaneously. There was considerable development, and in the meantime, Rajendra Gudda, the former welfare minister of the soldier, reached there and was entirely sacked by the working government because he was constantly seen fighting for the truth. Still, His truth is being suppressed, and he is constantly facing the truth, but the Congress party does not allow him to come up.



Rajendra Gudda had given this statement a long time ago. He said in that statement that he has a red diary, inside which the entire black letters of the Congress are provided. Inside it, the big scams that Ashok Gehlot and Vaibhav Gehlot have done in the Congress government are also shown ultimately. At the same time, the elections of the Rajasthan Cricket Association were held during that time, and leaders were given positions inside it by paying money. That’s why he will present it inside the Legislative Assembly of Rajasthan, and he took the name of Kalisi Somvar for it, and when he reached there on Monday, there was a lot of fighting with him.


Rajendra Gudda was given the post of minister in the Congress government


He was replaced after resigning from the post of minister. He has also been completely sacked from the minister post, and now he is seen acting like a normal MLA. In the meantime, he has come to the fore that the complete collapse of the Congress government has come to the fore. And today, when he reached the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, where he had a fight with Abhi Khan, they were heckled in between.



Rajendra Gudda, thus Shanti Dhariwal, tried to assault him. He said that at 15:20, people surrounded him and accused him of assaulting him because Rajendra Gudda had reached there in a grand ceremony. All the people there were scared and thanked him for leaving the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, and on this tour, Rajendra Gudda was treated very rudely there; BJP’s Janata Party has also said that in this way, the respect of the assembly is being completely tarnished.

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