Genelia D’Souza is making a comeback in Bollywood

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She was one of the most famous actresses in South films. Her beauty was discussed continuously in South movies; the way she started working in South films, since then, she never looked back. Her films continued to perform very well, the way her films earned a name within Indian Bollywood as well, she did many films within Bollywood, and when she met Riteish Deshmukh, there was constant talk of an affair between them. Granted, Genelia D’Souza never accepted that she was in any relationship with Riteish Deshmukh.



Genelia D’Souza is entirely ready to make a comeback in Bollywood, and now she will make a comeback inside Bollywood in the trial period film. She has said that she is entirely ready for this film as the shooting of this film has also been completed now it is very soon to appear inside Indian Bollywood, and Genelia D’Souza has been in the company till now after getting married, but now her complete comeback is being told. She said that she always wants to keep her performance inside Bollywood in the way From her acting is acting, and she will present perfectly in Indian Bollywood.



Genelia D’Souza said that she was advised to change the name.



Genelia D’Souza gave an interview before her upcoming film, and she also discussed many old things in that interview. She also discussed her and Riteish Deshmukh’s relationship. She didn’t even agree, and after getting engaged, she ultimately accepted their relationship; she is in a relationship. She wants to get married to Ritesh Deshmukh, and she loves Ritesh Deshmukh very much. She has also seen dreams of marriage with him, and her attitude towards their relationship is very inspiring because she does not want to destroy the sanctity of any relationship.



Genelia D’Souza said that the producer advised her to change the name because she has a lot of difficulty in taking the name Genelia and it is a vast and hard name, but Genelia D’Souza never agreed after her. You would have lost your identity entirely if you had changed your name, and in this way, identity is not suitable for any actor; I kept my name as Genelia after listening to my heart, and she wants that she should move forward with such a name and achieve significant achievements and keep moving forward in her life and even today she is not even 1 percent upset that she kept her name the same because she is pleased with her name.



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