The risk of a food crisis may come again due to Russia.

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There is a constant danger of a food crisis in the world, and many times, people can see the lack of food here, and that food shortage can never be fulfilled in this way because the way a country One always runs his country by importing and exporting from each other and when this has been increased in further work, then there was a lot between Russia and Ukraine which was not related to food, but now Russia has given this degree. He finished, and he said that if Ukraine does not listen to him, he will not be able to keep any kind of deal with it.



In the ongoing match between Russia and Ukraine, the result of shoes can prove dangerous not only for both those countries but also for other countries, and if it continues like this, then there is a danger of a food crisis. She will be able to see the whole world very soon because there are 2 degrees between these two countries; because of that, the production of wheat in the country and the world increases because wheat is already found in very high production. At the same time, farming is done in a considerable amount inside Ukraine, so both play a massive role in bringing the quantity of wheat from the country to the world and if this deal between them is wholly eliminated. Given it will never come up.



Russia’s important role in delivering wheat to the world



Russia has been considered to have a huge role in transporting wheat between the country and the world, and how it has increased wheat production in the entire country and the world has ultimately improved the production of Ukraine. Earlier, his relations with him were excellent, or like these two countries, which have been going on for the last 18 months, there is a complete war which is not taking the name of office stoppage, and this war has very serious consequences for both the countries. It has been given that the people of both countries are very much worried at this time.



The direct impact of Shuddh is visible on the whole world, and the danger of the food crisis is also increasing now; seeing this, the UAN has told him that he should supply this oil to the whole world. Do not end this way because if he finishes this deal with Ukraine about his war, he may face the food problem that the entire world is facing. Within many countries, if the export stops or else the import stops, then those countries will be able to increase their production in any way, due to which the lack of hunger inside their country can also be solved, so every effort is being made to keep this deal for maximum days. If Russia does not refuse this deal, then the danger of a food crisis can be averted.



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