Security of Hindu temples increased in Pakistan

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Pakistan is always considered a country of terrorism, and terrorism increases continuously; Pakistan contributes the most to promoting terrorism because many terrorists are prepared in Pakistan, and there they are inside Pakistan. They start causing harm; it is seen here that the main reason for the increase in violence in Pakistan in the last few days has also been attributed to terrorism. All the countries have expressed great concern over it. In this way, if Pakistan does not back down from its intention, it may face terrible consequences.



There was a recent violence inside Pakistan where there was a lot of firing on Hindu temples, and a lot of firing happened on two temples, and Hindu temples were vandalised entirely there. After this, the Hindu families living in Balochistan were also harmed a lot, and their faith was hurt a lot; after that, they appealed to the government, and they also appealed to the Indian government that the Hindu community should not be treated like this. If it is trampled inside Pakistan, Hindus will never come up there, and Hindus are continuously tortured there.



400 Hindu policemen deployed to serve Hindu temples



Pakistan has taken this violence very seriously, and for the first time, it has been seen that police officers have been deployed for the safety of Hindus in Pakistan. For this, the government of Pakistan has given 400 Hindu police officers to them for the protection of temples. Has been deployed outside now before attacking any Hindu temple, the attacker will think many times. Only after that will he be able to attack which marriage he will be able to make, although no one comes from outside to attack inside Pakistan. The people there, the Muslim community and the Hindu community, the way the quarrels are increasing between them, the way the conflicts between these two religions are going on from the old times, efforts are being made to improve them.



Hindus have appealed there for a long time that their security should be increased; there is a lot of danger to their lives, and their women are also tortured a lot there and in this way. If atrocities against them continue like this, they will never go up. They will not be able to come to the side, and it will take a lot of time for them to come up to do this. The government there is fully prepared, and in the coming time, elections will be held there within October. Despite the elections, the government there had decided it could make a speech in its favour and persist in forming its government.



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