India came in favour of Pakistan in the UN

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India-Pakistan is always seen fighting, and the relationship between the two countries is terrible; both countries are seen fighting with each other because of the ceasefire agreement between the two countries. India is constantly seen breaking Pakistan, and India has always been giving it an attack. However, in the first few years, India could not provide any retaliatory attack since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India. After that, India and Pakistan have been taken aback and have taken strict action against them; they have also been continuously stopped from talking.



India-Pakistan relations have been continuously fighting and fighting against each other since 1947, and many times, agreements were also made between the two countries; when there was a war between India and Pakistan in 1971, this agreement was done after that. That now, Pakistan would not attack India, and its terrorists would not come inside India, but still, terrorists from Pakistan kept coming inside India; they kept attacking India, and they made many such attacks inside India, which made Indian people more worried. Damaged, and due to this, India completely separated Pakistan from its side, and everything India and Pakistan look different from each other.



India protests against burning of Quran in Sweden



Recently, a case came to light in Sweden, and an attempt was made to run the Quran, considered the Muslim community’s most significant religious book. Burning it, the Indian community did not respect them very much. It is opposed more, and the Hindu community has continuously opposed it; now, Pakistan is not entirely in favour of India. Still, India is constantly seen somewhere taking Pakistan’s side. Still, Pakistan should understand that If both the neighbouring countries stay together, they can show something to the world from ghosts, but still, Pakistan does not understand this at all, and the Quran, which was burnt there, was opposed the most in India.



At this time, many people inside India are living inside India from Pakistan’s relatives, and they are also fully protected; the Indians take it slow. When it was burnt, India came first in its favour, and India said that Pakistan should be engaged in a terrorism-spreading country, but the religious concept of the people living there should not be hurt in any way. And that’s why now I have come in favour of India-Pakistan; on the other hand, after listening to India, it was decided that what someone did was wrong; it is wrong to hurt someone’s religious sentiments, and Pakistan also appreciates that you keep defending your religion.



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