Both Gehlot pilots can be together now

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Now the election atmosphere is completely ready inside Rajasthan. The election stage of Rajasthan is completely decorated. Now in the coming time, the elections will be seen here very soon. This time in Rajasthan, Elections are going to be held inside; it is not less than any festival because here, a lot of crazes are being seen in the general public, the way the public is listening to their door in a perfect way and the way for the coming time. We will prepare our new Chief Minister for this. Also, people are seen preparing for this in a big way, and the Bharatiya Janata Party is trying.



The Congress party is also constantly trying to repeat its victory in the elections being held in Rajasthan in some way, and for this, it is continually trying here. The efforts of the Congress party At present, a lot of estrangement has been seen inside Rajasthan between Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and him and the former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot. It is being said that the estrangement between these two is the biggest one there. It is a wrong decision, and that too can be made because if the Congress party does it inside Rajasthan, it will become the biggest reason for it.



Ashok Gehlot paid attention to the demands of Sachin Pilot.



Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has taken note of Sachin Pilot’s demands and has said that the Rajasthan government is fully ready to increase the expenses of those who had incurred a lot of expenses during the examination and in the coming times. In Rajasthan, too, she will be seen doing safe work for the children because the Congress government in Rajasthan constantly wants the youth here to get employment and is also increasing the chances of employment here, which will attract investors. Coming to invest in Rajasthan is also a big thing.



Sachin Pilot requested a few days ago that if the Rajasthan government does not accept his demands, he will be seen protesting against them. He will not come together with the Congress in the coming elections, so the Congress party Ne and Ashok Gehlot together have decided that soon, in the coming times, Sachin will try to fulfil the demands made by Pilot again. He can be the best for both parties, although it is incomplete. Ashok Gehlot has taken this tough decision considering how Sachin Pilot is sticking to his decision.



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