Indian Embassy in America attacked

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Apart from India, Indian embassies in countries other than India have been witnessing continuous terrorist attacks for the last few days, and the Indian embassy is being threatened continuously. Talking about the previous few days, the British Khalistani group inside had attacked the Indian Embassy very heavily, in which they had insulted the Indian flag and also pulled down the Indian flag, but in this way, why did this Khalistani group fight so much with India? Is doing this? No reason has been revealed yet.



Recently, the Khalistan group also attacked the Indian Embassy in America, which they ransacked for a long time. They set fire to the milk house and entered the embassy while remembering. The police arrived there on time, and they helped in extinguishing the fire. The evacuees had fled by that time, and the way Indian embassy staff there were very scared that after all their Why is this happening, the same organisation, which is a Khalistani organisation, had also carried out attacks inside Britain. Now the same organisation has also carried out such a big attack inside America. Still, in this way, the Indian embassy is safe even inside a big country like America. If not, then it is a shameful incident for America; now, India will be seen taking action.



India’s agencies are alerted from today.



The intelligence agencies of India have become completely alert today. The way they came to know about the two incidents, they had already increased their security system inside Britain, due to which Since then, there has not been any space in that area. Still, even inside America, they constantly talk about how this kind of Khalistani group reaches the Indian Embassy. After reaching there, it does so much vandalism for so long. They have put it there even today, so if the police were not present during this case, how could it happen? Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar Prasad said he would take strict action.



Khalistani’s main issue is that his gangster accused are present inside the jail, and he seems to be doing this to get them released; he was arrested only last days through those who are the workers of the chief of this gang. It was to say that he would besiege the Indian Embassy on July 8 itself and would be seen demonstrating there; on the second day of this statement, he ransacked the Indian Embassy, where he fired several times and set it on fire. When the Indian Foreign Minister talked to the US Foreign Minister, he said he would take action there as soon as possible and arrest the Khalistani group there.



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