Ireland out of World Cup qualifiers

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The Ireland team, which defeated a big team like South Africa in the 2019 World Cup, has yet to qualify for the World Cup this time. It has not even been able to make it to the Super Six, so it has to be eliminated, and this time, it will not qualify for the World Cup. He will not be seen playing in IPL the way he had done consistently well last year. Many of his players were even seen playing in IPL, but the team combination needed to look better this time. Until now, his batting was looking too good, but his bowling is very bad.



Within the two matches held on Sunday, Sri Lanka defeated Ireland by a massive margin in one match, while in the second match, Scotland defeated Oman by a good margin, and with this, the next teams of the World Cup were found. And the thing about being out of the island in this is that Silent has lost all the matches in Ireland. He did not win here within a single match. However, he came close in many matches, and in those matches, He could not win even inside; after this, the captain of Ireland said that this was a bad time for him. The former will be seen preparing for this again in the coming times.



Oman enters the Super 6 space.



On the other hand, the second match that took place on Sunday was between Scotland and Oman; in this match, Scotland registered an excellent victory, and with this victory, Scotland confirmed its place in the top 6 of the World Cup, and it’s After Scotty appeared very happy in the captaincy. The way his player combination was also perfect. His team has won very well; even before, he has performed well in many matches. After this, that team has been able to qualify, and slowly, whenever the team is moving forward, it is a big thing for this country that they qualify for the World Cup and their chance to play in the World Cup. May he meet again, as he did well in the 2019 World Cup as well.



On the other hand, Oman’s team got defeated in this match, and even after this defeat, that team qualified for the World Cup. He has bowled very well inside, so he was seen performing well in this match but could not win his team after that. His team lost, but even after the defeat, he confirmed his place. Because he was inside his group stage in second place with two wins.


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