Sonam said that actresses like Divya Bharti have no competition in Bollywood.

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Sonam Khan, one of the most famous actresses of the nineties and known in Bollywood for her beauty, is one of the most beautiful actresses. She said that if Divya Bharti were alive today, many actresses would have been sitting at home because acting like her was very difficult, and she was ahead of her time. The actress was ahead; at the time, she was doing a 90’s film, and her attitude was like today’s films.



Divya Bharti had spread her magic in the world of acting, and at the age of just 19, she made a world record by doing 21 films, but even now, no such artist in Bollywood has made her debut at 19. You may have done 21 films, but Divya Bharti did this, and how her magic spread inside Bollywood was a sight. Divya Bharti was also very impressed; she felt perfect about acting yesterday. But he left this world at a young age, after which people still remember him.



Divya Bharti’s death was mysterious.



Sonam Khan further said during her interview that she did a film with Divya Bharti, and she liked it very much when she worked with her. However, Sonam also said that Divya Bharti was her perfect friend, and Both were seen sharing many things, but what happened to her was very wrong, and the way she has left her acting inside Bollywood, even today, people like her. Even on social media, people are seen looking at him today; this is beyond the limits of his craze, due to which, even today, people like him so much.



Divya Bharti’s death is being told as a mystery because many people are also saying that it was not a death but a murder. Until now, no one has been able to investigate it properly, nor has it been investigated yet. It was found what the cause of Divya Bharti’s death was; however, the maid of her house said that she was sitting quietly near the balcony, and suddenly her foot slipped, and she went down and fell from the five-story building. There was a huge head injury, after which he could not be saved, he was rushed to the hospital in a hurry, so he had already died there, although many people say this was wrong and did not happen. It was rather that someone murdered him.



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