Apple will launch its credit card in India

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Apple is currently the world’s largest smartphone company. How it has consistently dominated the whole world with its smartphones is a big deal for them, and now Apple is becoming a different world even inside India. It is visible how the CEO of Apple had said that he would set up a manufacturing plant inside India, after which there would be a massive reduction in the price of smartphones in India and employment for the people of India. There are facilities related to that will also increase a lot, and at this time, the attitude of the Apple company is entirely towards India.



On Friday, Apple CEO Tim Cook officially said that he would launch his credit card very soon in India, and he has been discussing this credit card with him for many days. Will be seen to be done, and we will try to apply a lot of conditions with the bank with which we will tie up there because the condition of credit cards inside India at this time is very different, and therefore, it is completely necessary to change the voice Since then, we are trying to make sure that the credit card of Screen which will be launched inside India should be in a different way and its condition should be completely different.



Apple will tie up with HDFC Bank.



Apple will tie up with HDFC Bank to launch its credit card in India, and India’s HDFC Bank is very much talked about inside India; it comes in the list of top banks of India and is also a team to tie up with them. When Cook met the CEO of HDFC Bank in India, his talk was fulfilled: he would fully support HDFC Bank in the credit card he will launch, and many of his plans are also HDFC Bank. The bank and HDFC Bank were also very impressed with this plan. Team Cook also met the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, who he reached and told that he is about to launch his credit card, which the Reserve Bank of India is also with him.



Apple Company Cash Credit Card has two major facilities, that would be that will not have to pay late fees, and if someone deposits his payment late inside it, then he will not have to pay any other expenses for it and as much payment as his credit You will have to pay as much as the card is, so it is a very special thing because, in all the credit cards that have been launched in India till now, the way of ladies, it goes on increasing after every seven days. Still, in this, it’s not like that at all.



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