Star of Bollywood and South films, Ram Charan, becomes a father.

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Among the most famous and trending actors in Bollywood and South films, Ramcharan’s name comes up the most because recently, he did a triple-R movie in Bollywood, and the public widely appreciated his role in the film. Although he has also received an Oscar for this film, this film is perfect and important in his career. Both Ramcharan and his wife, Upasana, looked very happy. She was pregnant even when she went for the Oscar award, and now she has given birth to her daughter inside the hospital; Ramcharan officially confirmed it through social media.



Ramcharan and Upasana have been married for almost 11 years, and after 11 years, they have given birth to their daughter; although Upasana is a doctor by profession, and Ramcharan is a very famous actor in Bollywood and South films, she has done a lot of work inside films. He worked excellently, and their marriage was a love marriage; when both of them fell in love, they got married immediately, although Chiranjeevi, the father of Ramcharan, is also very fond of South films. He is a prominent artist, did many films in Bollywood as well, and is one of the best actors of the very old times.



Chiranjeevi reached the hospital as soon as he got the news.



When Chiranjeevi came to know that he had become more now, he looked pleased, and with this happiness, he left for the hospital; he reached the hospital very quickly, and after reaching there, he took his last breath. While seeing the granddaughter for the first time, he also blessed Upasana and Ramcharan to keep their child healthy, and Chiranjeevi took his granddaughter in his arms; after that, he left for his home, and Ramcharan and Upasana were also pleased. He is going to go home very soon; his family members are also happy with this, and the whole family has a joyful atmosphere.



Even outside the hospital, his supporters reached huge numbers, and the way Ramcharan has a craze for films inside the South is very much. He was seen as happy and celebrated outside the hospital, and he expressed his happiness that Ramcharan had become a father. He was pleased with this, and he congratulated Ramcharan and Ramcharan. Both Upasana are in the hospital, and their child is completely healthy.


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