Violent incidents are seen again in America

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Violent incidents are being seen again and again inside the most powerful country like America, and the way shooting is happening there again and again, many people are harmed. This time there, The incident is also from America, where at 1:00 in the night, a firing is seen, and a young child who is said to be between 15 and 19 years of age did this firing there and a boy inside it. But death also happened because he was shot many times, and he could not share in this; he was seriously injured and died on the spot, and after that, there was a lot of commotion in which many people lost their lives. More damage done



This is not the first incident in America; even before this, many such incidents have happened in America, and within the last two years, the way violent incidents are being seen in America, America should take action on this; America should take its full way. The one special thing about all these incidents is that the one who shoots in them is also below 20 years of age, and those whom he shoots The age is also below 20 years. This means that the youth there and the young people are the ones who seem to be more affected by this. America should investigate this very clearly after all these young children; where does the gun come from, and for what purpose does it shoot?



Most gun murders in America in the last two years



Within the last two years, the maximum number of gun murders have been committed in America, and in this, America is seen at the top; up to 80 percent of the murders that happen in America are done with guns; in this way, such a big powerful country has been repeatedly It is a very bad thing for that country to get involved in violent incidents and the security system there is also an issue to raise questions because if there is a night at 1:00 am inside any mall or any market If there is shooting inside, then why is the security system not able to check there before that.



In this incident, about nine children were seriously injured, while one girl was very injured because when the firing was happening, she slipped and fell down the stairs, after which she could not control herself. Pie is also shot, although only one child has been declared dead inside it; if more children are declared dead, it is a very sad incident for America. There another prominent figure came out that America’s population is 33 cr, but they have 40 cr guns.


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