A massive controversy over Adi Purush’s film in Kathmandu

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The film Adi Purush was in the limelight even before its release, and the way Keerti Sanon and the director of Adi Purush kissed each other since then, the film has remained in headlines and when the film is now released. Even after that, it has remained in the headlines continuously; although this film made many records on its first day itself, on the second day, it also earned a lot in Indian cinemas, while in other countries other than India Where this film was released inside, this film has earned a lot of money. He has made new records in his name there too.



Prabhas and Kirti Sanon are seen with each other in this film, where Prabhas has been given the role of Ram inside this film, while Kriti Sanon has been given the role of Sita inside this film and both are playing their part. There is a lot of discussion about the role of both of them being like a lot in Indian cinema and how the film is based on Ramayana; people also like it well, but when the same thing happened in Kathmandu, Nepal. It has been shown in the movie that Sita was not born in Janakpur, Nepal, but in India, so there was a big controversy there, and a minister there said that this is not true in Indian cinema. Things need to be corrected.



All Hindi films from India were ordered to be stopped from releasing inside Nepal.



After showing this scene inside Adi Purush, notices and letters were sent to all the theatres by the government of Nepal. They said that all the Indian Hindi films engaged in Nepal To be removed from there, and the reason given for their removal is that they have shown the birth of Sita Mata inside India, which happened not in India but in Janakpur, Nepal. Still, Manoj Muntashir, the writer of this film, said that if this has hurt the people of Nepal, then he is very ashamed of it. Now the dialogues which the people of Nepal or anyone else have objections to, he will completely remove these dialogues from this film.



Adi Purush earned very well in India, and on the second day when it was released in theatres in India, it earned 100 crores on the second day as well, and till now, the worldwide collection of Adi Purush has reached 240 crores. And on the third day also, it is expected to be very high because when people see this film on Sunday, its collection is expected to be high on Sunday, and the film director has said that he will release it in other countries as soon as possible.


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