India and China together bought 80 percent of crude oil from Russia.

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India and China are the countries with the largest population in the world at this time, and the population of these two countries is not even that much because the country with the largest population in India; the population of India should exceed 140 crores at present. While the population of China is also around 135 crores, the population of these two countries is believed to be around 250 crores, and no country has such a population, let alone the number of large continents, so the number of people living here every day Petrol, diesel, and food items are not imported as much as they are for other countries.



According to a figure, it has been found that Russia is exporting its crude oil, and India and China are at the forefront in importing it. Both India and China need about 80 percent of crude oil, and both these countries now Till date; the country has become the largest importer of crude oil because these two countries have imported this crude oil from Russia, while the consumption of Petrol and diesel in these two countries is continuously increasing and On the other hand, when the system of resources here is also growing continually, due to which the demand for crude oil is very high between these two countries.



2000000 barrels in India, whereas China has bought 2200000 barrels of crude oil from Russia per day



India had bought zero percent crude oil from Russia, while India has now increased the number of its imports from there. In contrast, most of the crude oil has started coming inside India, and 20,00,000 barrels of crude oil per day from Russia. It is reaching inside India, and the way Petrol, diesel, and other wells are being made from crude oil. On the other hand, China is also not behind India, China is moving a little ahead of India, and China has produced 22 lakh barrels per day. It is bought from there, and the way these two countries help bring up the economy of Russia because Russia has become the world’s largest exporter of crude oil at this time.


The relations between Russia and India are considered very good, and both countries are considered friends of each other, both countries have been seen helping each other a lot, and India started getting crude oil at a costly rate. At the same time, Russia reduced its crude oil prices to help India, and Russia transported crude oil to India outside at an easy cost, and they have not taken any of their tax on this crude oil. That’s why the price of crude oil inside India is very low, although inside India when crude oil comes inside the refinery, its costs continuously increase.


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