The Government of India ordered an inquiry against Hero Motor Company.

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India’s most extensive bike company is Hero’s Company. The way this company makes its bikes inside India is perfect in form, and their quality is also excellent, due to which it is trendy in the Indian market. We see a lot in the market, and the best-selling bike in the Indian market is Hero company and their Splendor Plus HF Deluxe. Both bikes are outstanding, so it becomes even more special because everyone keeps an eye on this company. And this company is continuously performing well, but even now, the Government of India has ordered an inquiry against it, which is very bad for this company.



There is a case of fund diversion against Hero Company, and the primary purpose of diversion is that it means that Hero Company links up with small companies and manufactures its products, which are not good quality. The way the MC had investigated her, they submitted a separate report to her. In contrast, the way she is taking help from small companies and the way they are adding poor quality things inside their bikes, a report has yet to be given to them. He is not thinking ahead, and he talks about improving his motorcycle and how his bike is performing well, but he is constantly seen questioning the poor quality, and on this, only India.



After the decision of this investigation by the Government of India, the stock of Hero Company fell by four percent.



Since this case was filed against Hero Company and when the Government of India handed over the complete responsibility of investigating this matter to MCA, there has been a lot of decrease in the share market of Hero Company, and their share market has also decreased. There has been a decline of up to 4 percent; after this, the stock market of Hero Company can now be seen falling continuously, and as long as this case continues, it will take time for Hero Company to return. At the same time, the CEO and employees of Hero Company have said that he doesn’t want to comment on it yet and that he hasn’t done anything wrong.



Suppose all these cases on the Hero company prove to be true. In that case, the Hero company can also be suspended inside India, and from now on, no Hero company will be able to make its bike in India. The Hero company will now have to. The Government of India will have to explain this entirely. They will have to tell the friend diversion they have done or not done or for what reason they have done all this; all the information will have to be given to the Government of India.

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