Open AI CEO meets Narendra Modi to promote Chat GPT in India.

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The CEO of Open AI has met the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and after this meeting, he said he felt very happy to meet the Indian Prime Minister. His behaviour is very good, and the chat GPT is the best in India. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to implement it as soon as possible. Narendra Modi has a different approach to implementing this chat GPT in India. At the same time, the CEO of Open Eye has a different view on this. If implemented inside India this way, it can impact Indian technology and the Indian economy.



If Chat GPT is implemented inside India, then Indian technology will make a lot of difference. During a program, the Indian Prime Minister and the CEO of Chat GPT, Joe Open Eye, said that they are continuously researching the Indian economy one after the other. For this, they want to improve the Indian economy. They met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take a good position. Narendra Modi said that after the introduction of Chat GPT, the technology department will become very active, and due to this, the economy can be seen in a different form.



Chat gpt, you can solve your every problem



Chat GPT allows you to ask questions in text format, allowing collaboration with the Indian technical department. Now you can send an email here or verify your email and make your CV; even chat GPT can do all the work that Google Assistant used to do, although Microsoft has invested a lot in chat GPT, and it Instead of a manual, there will be an automatic work machine which will be able to work easily. Now its employees inside India are constantly trying to use it properly.



The CEO of Open AI said during a meeting that he has decided to invest in India and is determined after meeting Narendra Modi. Now he will invest all his technology here as soon as possible. The way Microsoft has invested in this company. Now he will remain absolutely on his trust and will not keep any deficiency there, and he is fully focused on how the Indian population is increasing in the coming times. That’s why they can’t change their stance from there and the way other companies are continuously investing here. Similarly, Open AI companies will also invest in India like this.

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