The US will give NATO technology to India.

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America and India at this time both the countries are very powerful, and both countries have their technology, so they are famous worldwide. Still, the way America has the power, India needs it. Because America has NATO power, it has been seen continuously demonstrating its ability to all the countries and how America behaves very well with all the countries; this is why America is one of its own. America is not just a country, but it is considered a powerful country, and it has many powers that other countries crave for their countries. At the same time, India is good for the country with America. He keeps his words consistent because if he makes good on his agreements with America, he can have a lot of benefits ahead.



Apart from America, India was ready to compromise with China as well, but China continuously attacked India in this way; after this, India could not compromise with China, and now no foreign country like China can deal with it. It does not want to compromise, and if it continues like this, it will be challenging for China as well. India is building new relations with America. It will make new agreements, due to which India’s economy will be significantly affected. It will make a difference, and India will continue to progress because India is one of the progressive countries.



Narendra Modi will visit America on June 21



Narendra Modi will visit America on World Yoga Day and be seen doing Yoga there on World Yoga Day; many people do Yoga there with him and can be seen there, and America has expressed its full hope. That this Yoga Day will be very special because Narendra Modi started Yoga, so Narendra Modi has now begun promoting Yoga, and he does not want to back down from how he started Yoga.


After using World Yoga Day, Narendra Modi will be seen visiting different parts of America from there. He can also strengthen the relationship between India and America because Between these two countries can make a suitable category of good relations for some time, so this tour of these two countries will become very important. After this tour, both these countries will feel very comfortable in themselves, and India Country can make a lot more difference than this.

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