Kangana Ranaut said she fought within Bollywood to get equal pay.

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Many Bollywood stars constantly remain in the headlines, and recently, Priyanka Chopra gave a statement in which she said that the actresses in Indian Bollywood do not get as low as the actors because the actresses are always given companies. And others are given new fees, and for this, she considers Indian Bollywood a little different, but this should not happen; Kangana Ranaut immediately gave her reaction, saying that she does not do this and that the Indian male actor is her. She likes to pay equal fees. She said that if men are given so much price, we should also get this much fee, and I had fought a lot for this.


Kangana Ranaut said that she does not consider herself weak or less than boys in any way, so she has fought many times continuously inside Bollywood and said she doesn’t want to compromise with anyone. She also does not wish to compromise on her fees; Kangana Ranaut also gets the fees given to male actors, she does not deny that she gets equal fees to them, and she said that it is entirely due to her. Bollywood also knows that Kangana Ranaut is paid at par with men.


Kangana Ranaut is the first actress in Bollywood to get equal fees for male actors.


The male actors in Bollywood get the highest fees, but the female actresses do not get that many prices, and Kangana Ranaut said that this should not happen and that they should get 20 equal to them. I have also seen giving statements continuously, but now Kangana Ranaut is the only Bollywood actress who is paid equally to men, and she does not feel uncomfortable in this; she said that the whole of Bollywood knows about it, but still, There many actresses do not come forward at all in this matter.


Kangana Ranaut further said that there are many such Bollywood actresses in Bollywood whose name is vast, and she holds a good position of their own, but even then, she sometimes likes to do many films for free because she does not know about this. There is a fear that someone else may not get her role; therefore, she works for free in many films due to this fear. She said that I have seen many actresses who have worked for free in any movie worked, but this should never happen.

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