China will send humans into space for the first time; so far, many countries have sent humans into space, but China is also ready this time.

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China is progressing at this time, and it is continuously doing a lot of work in its space; the way continuous activity was seen on its space station, it has been speculated that China is now doing something special. It is going to do it, but now China has made a massive decision from its space station; they have told us that they will also send their humans inside space or somewhere inside space; so far, China has sent only astronauts to space. Sent in, but till now, no human being was sent special except Astronaut so it will be a massive achievement for them. This mission will start today and today, it has been officially confirmed there, and now very soon, it will be sent to space.


The senior employee of China said that for the first time, China is taking action on this because, for the last two days, its research has been going on about when a person is finally sent inside space, and how he will react. What is the danger to his life, and if he comes back, in what condition will he come? A lot of research has been done on this, but now the decision has come, and now China has decided to send its man into space. I have taken it, and we will see it very soon whenever a person from China enters space.


China also has a plan to reach the moon by 2030


China’s second plan is also to reach the moon by 2030 because none of its humans have been transferred yet, so if we talk about other countries, then America and even bigger countries that are continuously establishing their dominance in space, the way America Has made a lot of progress, the role of Elon Musk in the NASA company of America becomes very high because he has done a lot of work for space, he has done a lot of research, after that it is possible to go there. Although he has done a lot of research to check the condition of living on the moon, till now, a decision has yet to come out.


Chinese officials have said that by 2030 they will try their best to reach the moon in some way or the other, and for this, they are making complete plans and are doing a lot of work there. If this is possible, it will be an outstanding achievement for China, and for a developed country like China, it is a good thing to go into space like this and send humans there, which has a mission of 2030 for the moon. It has increased a lot and shown a lot of happiness among the people of China, so it is a big thing for the country there.

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