Other companies’ scooty will be costlier by ₹ 32500 from next month.

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The government of India reduced their subsidy to the scooty companies, and after that, the government asked the people to return the subsidy that had been stopped; since then, the scooty companies have had to see all that loss. The way he wanted to see his scooty and electric scooty inside the market, he did not get that kind of advantage, and now he is constantly keeping an eye on how to take advantage of it in the coming times. On the other hand, out of the subsidy money that the Government of India had, up to 80% has been spent, so in the coming time, the Government of India has said that it will return its subsidy as soon as possible.


After this decision of the Government of India, all the scooty companies had returned ₹ 10000 to their customers because they had to return the charger money they had taken from them and after this the scooty company was very angry and many scooty companies They have increased their prices too much, on top of that the government has asked them for a decision and told them that if they keep the price of this scooty the way it should be, it will be better for those companies. You may have to eat your mouth inside the market.


Another company’s scooty currently costs ₹ 98000


The price of Other company’s scooty is ₹ 98000, and it is very high when compared to the leading scooty, but this company has said that before June 1, the first customers will have to pay ₹ 32500 more because from next month Whenever the price of his scooty will be ₹ 98000 from June 1 and he will be able to buy this scooty from ₹ 98000 only, so the way of buying people has been seen moving towards it very much because people are still very interested in scooty. have started buying more as it is considered as a good electric scooty

On this, the owner of Scooty has said that in only a few days of this month, customers will get such offers and from next month they will make a huge increase inside their scooty, and there is an updated version of Scooty, that too from next month. Customers will be able to make it available inside their market, and they will also get to see its new look. It will be available in different variants from next month itself, for which they are fully preparing and scooty companies. Compared to this, they are also launching their scooty in the market, and the electric scooty has increased a lot so that they will get a lot of competition.


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